Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman viralize image dressed as boyfriends after getting married

Mexico. Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman are now husband and wife and through their social networks they have shared the first image in which they appear together wearing their respective wedding suits and smiling.

Happy for their marriage, this is how Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman appear, and the first image in which they appear as spouses has already gone viral. “Forever. S&R ”, is the message that accompanies the cited image.

Argentine actress Stefi Roitman is happy next to her husband Ricky Montaner and he also. Their fans express that they look amazing and wish them a world of happiness in the new stage they start together.

Instagram photo

The son of Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner walks hand in hand with Stefi, in said image, while she carries a bouquet with white flowers and around both the guests applaud and show their faces of joy.

Ricky and Stefi’s wedding is held this Saturday at El Dok Haras, a luxurious venue where they will celebrate their wedding, located in Exaltación de la Cruz, and according to a report in various news portals, around 500 people would attend his celebration.

On the guest list are Marc Anthony, Sebastián Yatra, Camilo and Ricky Martin; Lali Esposito and Marley, friends and colleagues of the groom, would not have been able to attend due to work commitments; and the party is expected to last until dawn this Sunday.

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For his part, Ricardo Montaner, singer of hits such as The Top of Heaven and Ricky’s father, on social networks expressed his joy at the marriage of his son with Stefi Roitman, and wished them a world of happiness.

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