Ricky Montaner tattooed his wife’s rear and they say that hers “has less hair”

The singer Ricky Montaner of the duo ‘Mau y Ricky’ surprised his almost three million followers of the little camera social network, and he posted a video on the aforementioned platform where made clear the deep and great love he feels for his wife, Stefania Roitman.

Montaner revealed the part of the Argentine model’s body that he loves the most. For this reason, he did not think much about it and made the determination to embody it in his skin for the rest of his life, and that is It is about the rearguard of the also actress.

Both decided to record a video to show it, and Ricky revealed that he carries it in one of his arms, while she comes out in a bathing suit, while at the bottom she wears a skirt and blows her husband a kiss.

I love my wife so much that I got her tattooed. Love you“, is the text that can be seen in the video that he made public.

I think Stef’s has less hairbut yes… Beautiful tattoo”, “I think you love his…”, “I didn’t get them tattooed and I love them, they are very beautiful together”, “You didn’t tattoo your wife. you tattooed his ass“,” “What pride it must be to reduce a woman to this, I did not have this consideration of love”, “My boyfriend needs another body to be able to get my butt”, “I already want my Ricky to arrive“, “But please Ricardo Andrés”, were some of the expressions generated by the post.

The video was initially shared on TikTok, and it was on the aforementioned social network that they criticized it for seeing it as something immoral, because his family has always seen themselves as Christian people. For this reason, they do not see it as correct, although it would not be the only thing because several questioned whether it is really her rearguard.

However, they highlighted the comments where countless women want to have a Ricky in their lives so that they have these kinds of details with them during the course of the relationship.

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