Riding a bicycle, Sara Maldonado shows off her new figure wearing black leggings

The actress Sara Maldonado has kept his fans informed about the recovery process he has gone through in recent months, after undergoing liposuction and the removal of his breast implants. In a video he posted on his account Instagram, he can be seen pedaling a stationary bike, wearing tight black leggings and a colorful top. In her post, Sara wrote the following message: “Back to exercise life, I’m already discharged.”

Just a few hours before, Sara had shared a clip in which she was excited to go to her last consultation: “I’m in my pajamas, I’m going to take a bath and fix myself because I have my last appointment… after the surgery that I I did to remove the implants and the extra fat that I had on my body that I no longer liked ”.

Little by little and after her operations, Sara has been obtaining more followers in her account of Instagram (already close to half a million). His most recent project is the series “The gallant”, which is finished but does not yet have a release date; there he shares credits with Ernesto Laguardia, Humberto Zurita and Ana Claudia Talancón.

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