Mauricio Hernandez Hernandez, AKA Rielz Dos Aches shot dead in Valle de Santiago barbershop

The events occurred in the municipality of Valle de Santiago.

During the afternoon of Tuesday, April 4, the music world was in mourning after it was confirmed that the famous rapper Mauricio Hernandez Hernandez, known in the industry as “Rielz Dos Aches,” had an outstanding collaboration with Santa Fe Klan, was shot to death.

According to local media, the unfortunate events occurred when“Rielz Dos Aches” gave autographs inside a barbershop at the intersection of Zaragoza, Aztecas, and Calzada de la Merced streets in the municipality of Valle de Santiago in the state of Guanajuato.

Details indicate that the rapper was leading an event to meet with his fans when armed men arrived and shot at him. Emergency services arrived at the scene and transported the singer alive, but unfortunately, he lost his life minutes later.

After the events, police elements implemented an intense operation in the area to find those responsible. So far, no arrest of anyone involved in the murder against “Rielz Dos Aches,” a famous rapper, has been reported.

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Photo: Special
Photo: Special

“Rielz Dos Aches” and his collaboration with Santa Fe Klan

Before the murder of Mauricio Hernandez Hernandez, “Rielz Dos Aches,” music fans remembered that some time ago, he collaborated with Santa Fe Klan, one of the greatest exponents of national music today.

It was in 2021 when the rapper with “Dos Achez” released a song with Santa Fe Klan called “En el Mapa,” which turned out to be a real hit that currently has thousands of views on the official YouTube channel.

In addition to his facet as a rapper, “Rielz Dos Achez” was also a music producer and collaborator of the government of Valle de Santiago. Social networks lamented what happened to the famous singer.