Rights holders of IMSS request disability due to symptoms of COVID in Chiapas

Three thousand 154 people of the 900 thousand affiliated with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) They have had some symptom of Covid in just 24 days, for which they requested their disability, said Enrique Jiménez de la Mora, head of the Office of Health at Work and Economic and Social Benefits of the IMSS in Chiapas.

It seems that with the arrival of the omicron variant in Chiapas and the high risk of contagion, the Mexican Social Security Institute launched the program on January 10 “Covid 3.0 permit” by which rights holders of Chiapas have opted.

For his part, the federal official recalled that the March 2020 program and until December 31, granted 200,000 permits nationwide and with the arrival of the new omicron variant, the general director Zoé Robledo, relaunched Covid 3.0 Permit that has made effective in the main cities such as Tuxtla Gutiérrez, San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Palenque and Comitán.

IMSS beneficiaries can request permission

Covid 3.0 permission

“We want to break chains of contagion, to reduce time in procedures and to trust beneficiaries, they can access the permit through the official IMSS page in the Covid permit section or in a mobile application. Fill out a questionnaire, they ask for a clinical history if you are vaccinated and if you have the Covid test that you upload it and it is not necessary ”.

It should be noted that the permit is seven days for beneficiaries with symptoms and five for asymptomatic people who have a positive test, the latter is not a condition.

Where is the Covid 3.0 Permit process carried out?

Covid 3.0 permission

It has been highlighted that the procedure is carried out once the interested party enters the page http://www.imss.gob.mx/covid-19/permiso, or the IMSS Digital application and clicks on Enter Permiso COVID- 19.

It should be noted that CURP data, the Postal Code and answering the questionnaires about symptoms, vaccination and pre-existing conditions of each of the requesting beneficiaries are required.

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