Rihanna does not follow in the footsteps of Kylie Jenner: she uncovers her pregnancy belly and is seen without a bra, thus paralyzing traffic

Rihanna doesn’t want to follow in Kylie Jenner’s footsteps. It seems that under no circumstances does she want to cover her baby bump, on the contrary, she shows it off and walks it with total pride. She has even opted for a very daring and seductive look to go out on the street and stop traffic, because she has left a good part of her breasts visible to everyone without her bra.

Rihanna, like Emily Ratajkowski, shows her gestation process and also exposes different ways of dressing, highlighting the sexiest side of a pregnant woman, and that is that if she had curves before, now she has more. So was Emily too, and the also businesswoman even took several photographs with artistic nudes, to highlight her belly.

The model Ashely Graham did not hide her body with the pregnancy either, on the contrary, she showed everything she could to raise awareness about the image of the female body during the waiting process. All this makes them different from celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Iggy Azalea who have hidden her body during these months prior to childbirth.

In the case of Kylie Jenner, although it is true that her second pregnancy was not experienced in complete anonymity, it is true that she appeared little. But in the case of little Stormi everything was different. Rumors of pregnancy but no one knew the truth. And the images of her belly have been seen years later, because her first pregnancy failed to be captured by any paparazzi.

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