Rihanna: these are the best memes left by the birth of her baby


Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Last Thursday afternoon, the news of the birth of the singer’s first child was announced. Rihanna and his partner, the rapper A$AP Rocky. Said announcement not only unleashed the emotion of his followers, also brought with it a wave of congratulations and comments on networks, where memes reigned, for the most part.

And it is that like every event in the world of entertainment, this appealed to the emotions of Internet users because the interpreter of “Umbrella” is one of the favorites for her success story.

Through platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, thousands of users let their imagination run wild by resorting to various comical photographs and the occasional video to portray their reaction to the birth of Rihanna’s firstborn, whose sex and name still remains unknown for the public.

As happened after the arrival of Kylie Jenner’s children, there was no shortage of people who joked about the possibility of reincarnating as the son of one of the most famous and beloved singers of the last decade.

Likewise, memes also reigned about the reaction that the little baby could have had when arriving in the world and realizing he is the son of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. What luck!

Without further ado, here we share a selection of those memes that have devastated networks and brought more than a smile to the rest of Internet users.

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