Rising star Peso Pluma outshines Bad Bunny and Miley Cyrus, drawing comparisons to Valentín Elizalde

Emerging corridos tumbados artist Peso Pluma gains admiration, dethrones Miley Cyrus on Spotify, and ignites debate on his likeness to the late Valentín Elizalde.

The developing success of the singer of corridos tumbados Peso Pluma has consolidated him as one of the prominent faces of the regional Mexican music genre. His figure has been widely accepted among audiences in the country, and the admiration has been such that he has even been compared to the late singer Valentín Elizalde.

A debate has been generated in social networks about the relevance of Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija in his generation. Although he became known in 2020, thanks to social networks, he has become one of the most listened artists in the country, even above other artists such as Bad Bunny and Miley Cyrus.

In this regard, a sector of users in social networks considered that the young man from Guadalajara, Jalisco, can be regarded as the “reincarnation” of Gallo de Oro today or, at least, the figure that could represent the same relevance among the public that came to embody the interpreter of several hits such as “Vete ya.”

Peso Pluma destronó a Miley Cyrus del primer lugar de Spotify Global 50 (Instagram @pesopluma)
Peso Pluma dethroned Miley Cyrus from the top spot on Spotify Global 50 (Instagram @pesopluma).

“Peso Pluma reminds me of Valentín Elizalde”, “Peso Pluma is the reincarnation of Valentín Elizalde”, “Peso Pluma is the Valentín Elizalde of our generation”, “mi papá bien neciote que Peso Pluma es hijo perdido de Valentín Elizalde”, “Peso Pluma as the reincarnation of Valentín Elizalde?”These were some of the comments: “That voice of Peso Pluma reminds me of Valentín Elizalde” and “We all know that Peso Pluma is the son of Valentín Elizalde.”

Among the similarities people found between the two singers is their voice timbre. One of the most criticized traits of the 23-year-old is that he does not have the best qualities when it comes to vocalizing. However, the same thing happened with El Gallo de Oro, although the singer from Navojoa, Sinaloa, publicly acknowledged it.

Another of the traits found in common between Gallo de Oro and Peso Pluma is charisma among his followers. In the most recent exhibitions that the singer of corridos tumbados has given, a high level of connection with the public has been noticed, a phenomenon that also came to characterize Elizalde in the palenques and stages where he performed.

En la lista Global de Billboard, Peso Pluma se levanta con dos canciones en segundo y tercer lugar (Instagram @Billboard)
In Billboard’s Global chart, Peso Pluma rises with two songs in second and third place (Instagram @Billboard).

The comparison has not been alien to Peso Pluma. On several occasions, he has been made aware that a sector of the public has considered him the reincarnation of the iconic singer. In this regard, the tapatío has gone so far as to declare before the microphones of the media that:

“For me, who listened to him almost all my childhood, it is very cool, but I think everyone has their path. My respects to the Elizalde family, my respects to Valentín, may he rest in peace, and he has always been and will always be one of my inspirations”, he declared.

Even though he emphasized that the way he performs on stage has taken particular aspects and expressions of Sinaloa, he affirmed that he will always seek to distinguish himself by constructing his style.

Valentín Elizalde fue asesinado el 25 de noviembre de 2006 (Cuartoscuro)
Valentín Elizalde was murdered on November 25, 2006.

Although a sector of the public has been widely convinced of the supposed similarity between the characters, many others expressed their disagreement, considering that it is hasty to compare the relevance of Doble P with that of Gallo de Oro.

“Peso Pluma? No, bro. Purely Valentín Elizalde”, “I realized that we were lost when they compared Peso Pluma with Valentín Elizalde,” “Don’t compare Peso Pluma with Valentín Elizalde in front of me,” “My parents got mad because I told them that Peso Pluma is the reincarnation of Valentín Elizalde” and “I don’t know why they compare Peso Pluma with Valentín Elizalde,” were some of the contrary opinions.