Rix Why doesn’t he have a criminal record as a sex offender?

Ricardo González, better known as Rix, in September of this year, managed to obtain his freedom by declaring himself guilty of sexual assault against Nath Campos.

It turns out that the content creator had been sentenced to spend three years in the East Prison; However, González’s lawyers managed to reach an agreement in which, among other things, it was stipulated that the young man’s name would remain in the national sex offender registry.

That is why the defense of the youtuber Nath Campos has denounced that Rix still does not appear in said list and it stands out that it was the same Attorney General of the CDMX, Ernestina Godoy who, in mid-September, assured that the influencer already had been registered as an assailant:

“Once he was convicted of accepting his responsibility in the crime of attempted aggravated rape, he is registered as a sexual offender with a criminal record,” said the official.

Rix is ​​not registered

Rix is ​​not registered Rix

It has been stated that so far, of the 153 men and women that make up the register, Rix does not appear in any of them, as it is also important to mention that Nath’s legal representatives never asked for the integration of the youtuber to the list, it was the authorities who they considered this fact to be important.

It should be remembered that the youtuber Rix pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison, but he reached an agreement to obtain his freedom and it is that it was at the beginning of this year when Campos broke the silence and through a video that he broadcast in his social networks denounced Ricardo.

Who is Rix?


Ricardo “N”, known on the internet as Rix, began his career on the Vine platform in 2014. Later, after the withdrawal of the app on the internet, he began uploading content to the YouTube platform where he collaborated with several Mexican youtubers.

Its content was based on comedy and surveys that it carried out with passers-by that it encountered. His fame rose to such an extent that in 2019 he was one of the guest stars at the MTV MIAW.

It should be noted that until the moment of his arrest, the youtuber Rix on his social networks has millions of followers; on Instagram he has almost two million followers; while on YouTube it has more than 2 million subscribers.

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