Robbie Williams to auction 3 Banksy works from his expensive art collection

Three of the most recognizable works of art in banksy from the collection of Robert Williams I know will auction by millions. The pieces, Girl With Balloon, Kissing Coppers and Vandalized Oils (Choppers), will be on sale at Sotheby’s inaugural The Now Evening Auction in London on March 2.

It is estimated that the artworks by anonymous street artist Banksy, who hails from Bristol, are worth millions of pounds each. It is the first time Williams has sold anything from his personal art collection and the auction comes after he sold his seven-bedroom home in Wiltshire.

The “Rock DJ” singer sold his house, said to be haunted, for €6.75m, £1.35m less than he paid in 2009. Robbie Williams recently confessed that he no longer remembers the lyrics of his songs and caused great concern among his followers.

Robbie Williams and his expensive art collection

Robbie Williams will auction 3 Banksy works from his expensive art collection.

Speaking of the artwork, Williams said: “I remember seeing Girl With Balloon, Vandalized Oils (Choppers) and Kissing Coppers for the first time. I think they are some of her best paintings and I love how linked they are to the pieces in the street,” he said. “As a collector of Banksy’s work, you become part of a larger cultural movement,” he added.

Banksy’s “Girl With Balloon” diptych first debuted under Waterloo Bridge in 2002 and made headlines again in 2018 after it partially self-destructed at the end of a Sotheby’s auction where it sold for $1.1 million. of pounds sterling.

The partially shredded new artwork became Love Is In The Bin and sold for €18,582,000 in October 2021, which the auction house cited as a record fee for the street artist.

Which Banksy pieces will be up for auction?

Robbie Williams will auction 3 Banksy works from his expensive art collection.

AmericanPost.News reports that Williams’ Girl With Ballon (2006) is represented in metal and is the first of its kind to appear at auction, Sotheby’s said, starting with an estimated price of €2 million to €3 million. It is worth remembering that they will also auction a piece of the wall that has a work by Banksy.

Depicting two British police officers in a passionate embrace, Kissing Coppers was first featured outside The Prince Albert Pub in Brighton in 2004. Williams’ version of the 2005 artwork, estimated to be 2, 5 million to 3 million euros, it is the first time that a painting on canvas of said painting has been offered.

Robbie Williams will auction 3 Banksy works from his expensive art collection.

The third Banksy piece up for auction is Vandalized Oils (Choppers) from 2005 and features two armed military helicopters interrupting a serene pastoral landscape. The artwork, which comes from the artist’s Vandalized Oils series, which features graffiti over classic oil paintings, has an estimated price tag of between £2.5m and £3.5m.

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