Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sends respectful apology to President AMLO, addressing US senators’ insults

The contrasting political attitudes in America towards Mexico, highlighted by a gesture from presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador(AMLO) revealed in his morning conference today, Wednesday, May 31, that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sent him a letter to apologize for insults from U.S. senators.

The letter was sent to Mexico’s ambassador to the United States, Esteban Moctezuma, who gave this message to the president a week ago.

Letter from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. shows a posture of respect for Mexico: AMLO.

Part of the content of the letter, according to AMLO, is that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic candidate for the U.S. presidency, showed a completely different posture of respect for Mexico compared to Republican senators.

“By the way Robert Kennedy Jr. sent me a letter, offering me an apology… he sent it to me clarifying that they have a completely different position and respect for Mexico.”


At a reporter’s request on La Mañanera, the Mexican president promised to show the letter in full tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

AMLO exhibits insults from U.S. senators for which they apologized to him on his morning show

In addition to talking about the letter, AMLO exposed U.S. senators who offended Mexico and their positions on issues such as migration, drugs, insecurity, and fentanyl.

Like Senator John Kennedy, who insulted Mexico by saying that without the United States, the country would be eating out of a can of cat food and living in a tent.

While of Senator Lindsay Graham, he recalled that he wanted to propose the Mexican drug cartels as terrorists so that the U.S. military would intervene in Mexico.

And he contrasted his opinions with what this senator said to the president of Ukraine, Volodymir Zelenski since the legislator endorsed his support for financing Ukraine to continue at war with Russia, which has already been active for 462 days.

For the President of Mexico, this is another example of the conservative thinking of these U.S. senators.

AMLO also mentioned that this type of posture occurs due to the manipulation of the U.S. media, where he highlights that they are part of the political campaigns on issues such as drugs or migration.

AMLO also referred to the issue of drugs and racism in the United States, emphasizing that these problems are solved with values and non-coercive measures, in addition to the fact that Mexico does not produce fentanyl.

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AMLO’s morning address (Mario Jasso / Mario Jasso)