Robert Pattinson Reveals He Auditioned For “Twilight” While Under The Effect Of Sedatives

Less and less is missing for the premiere of “TheBatman”one of the most anticipated film productions of the last time that has as its protagonist Robert Pattinson.

In this sense, the British He has been interviewed by countless media who want to know more details of his role as the batman.

But also they have consulted him about other interpretations that he has done throughout his career, such as the Edward Cullen for the Twilight saga, a role he stole from Henry Cavill.

And in a dialogue with an international media, revealed that he was drugged when he auditioned to be the vampire who stole the heart of the actress Kristen Stewart.

The revelation of Robert Pattinson

He consumed a powerful sedative with which he managed to perfectly personify the character From a very young age he ventured into the acting industry

In a recent interview, Robert Pattinson confessed that before playing the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight, was in a bad economic moment due to lack of job opportunities.

Also, the actor said in the conversation that hehe was terrified of auditions due to poor security.

“I started to develop an absolute terror of auditions. I’m sure many actors suffer the same. I could be very excited about the opportunity, but when the casting day came my confidence completely collapsed. This happened to me at the casting of Twilight “Pattinson commented.

At that time, the British revealed that his agent gave him Valiuma powerful sedative, which was going to serve him to be more relaxed.

“I just remember feeling very glorious in the back of the cab with the window open and thinking ‘wow this is what I’ve been missing'”Robert assured.

According to actor Robert Pattinson, the drug caused him to behave distantly at the casting, “what should have worked for the character” of Cullen, a shy and cold character.

How old was Robert Pattinson when he recorded “Twilight”?

From a very young age he ventured into the acting industry.

Robert Pattinson reached his greatest popularity playing the character of Edward Cullen in the films of the Twilight saga, which were successes at the box office.

This success was achieved based on years of work from a very young age, so when the filming of the first twilight movie began, Kristen Stewartborn in 1990, had at that time 18 years old (so in the shoot I would have been 17 or 18) and Robert Pattinsonwho was born in 1986, had at the time of the premiere of “Twilight” 22 years old (in shooting 21 or 22).

His work in said saga made him the winner of two prizes in the Scream Awardsas well as nine at the MTV Movie Awards and ten at the Teen Choice Awards.

He was also successful with other films like Remember Me (2010), Water for Elephants (2011) Y Cosmopolitan (2012).

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