Roberto Palazuelos makes an impact by showing himself in a Ferarri; for this reason

There is no doubt that the artist Roberto Palazuelos, better known as the “Diamante negro” (“Black Diamond”), is always a subject of conversation, not only for his career in the world of acting but also for being part of the world of show business, for his extravagant life.

That is why in American Post News, we remind you that, as proof of the aforementioned is the Netflix series called “Palazuelos mi Rey,” in which you can see the famous actor in his daily life, from life in his house in Acapulco, to visiting his famous hotel in Tulum.

However, the series also shows the private plane in which he constantly travels from Miami to Mexico to avoid crowds in the airports of Mexico City and thus, in a way, go unnoticed.

What happened to Roberto Palazuelos’ Ferrari?

Roberto Palazuelos in his Ferrari

Mexican businessman Roberto Palazuelos, who maintained a close relationship with Andres Garcia, shared through a video on his Instagram stories a shocking moment on top of a luxurious Ferrari car. However, at the moment of starting it, the actor saw that the vehicle’s dashboard showed a message, which appeared due to lack of maintenance.

Thousands of users did not hesitate to comment on what happened. Still, everything was forgotten thanks to the artist sharing his trip to Budapest and his walks through different parts of the Hungarian capital.

How much is the fortune of Roberto Palazuelos?

Mexican actor and businessman, Roberto Palazuelos

Talking about Roberto Palazuelos takes us to the tourism sector, of which he has been a part for several years since it is well known that the artist owns five-star hotels located in the best area of Tulum.

Likewise, the businessman has a fortune that, according to Celebrity Net Worth, is around $12 million.