Roberto Palazuelos responds, says he will sue Lydia Cacho for defamation and slander

Mexico.- The actor and businessman Roberto Palazuelos attacked this Wednesday against the journalist Lydia Cacho for having indicated him as participating in a network of money laundering, dispossession and disappearances in Tulum, Quintana Roo.

It was through his social networks that he also called “Black Diamond”, shared a document to public opinion in which he showed the details of the complaint he would file against the journalist and writer, Lydia Cacho.

In the published document, the actor denied the journalist’s allegations, as he assured that it is well known that his properties in Tulum have been built more than two decades ago.

“It is in the public domain that I have built my properties in Tulum more than 20 years ago and that I am an entrepreneur recognized by the hotel associations in Quintana Roo”, Palazuelos responded in the statement.

The actor responded through his social networks

In the same way, he denied that he has any type of criminal association, as he recalled that in “the investigation he did 6 years ago on alleged crimes around ejido lands in Quintana Roo,” his person was never mentioned. A situation that he called incongruous and described it as a type of attack now that he has sought the governorship of the state.

“He never made reference to me, which he does now, this is very strange because he mentions to me now that I am going in the first place towards the succession to governor of Quintana Roo.” added the businessman.

Faced with such a situation, Roberto Palazuelos pointed out that he sees the need to initiate legal actions against the journalist Lydia Cacho for defamation and slander.

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“I see myself in the need to take civil legal action for defamation and slander against this person (Lydia Cacho), since everything he says will have to be proven in court, for that reason I have instructed my team of lawyers to document all the information that has come out in the media, to be able to present it before a jurisdictional authority “, the actor finished.