Roberto Palazuelos responds to the bullet fight proposed by Andrés García

After the leading actor, Andres Garcia has launched the challenge of facing bullets with Robert Palazuelos, it is the employer who responds and reveals the reason for his estrangement.

On American Post News, we have let you know that Andrés García and Roberto Palazuelos had a great friendship. The leading actor even declared that he would name him his heir.

However, for several months, the famous monopolized the gossip of the show business since they starred in strong statements against each other.

Why are Roberto Palazuelos and Andrés García fighting?

What did Roberto Palazuelos say?

In a meeting with the press at the airport, businessman Roberto Palazuelos responded to the statements made by Ándres García about facing a duel with bullets, revealing the reason for his distancing.

As he assured, he decided to distance himself from the leading actor after he claimed he treated him as an “old man”:

“One day, he told me that ‘I treated him like an old man and took extra care of him. I felt insulted and respectfully opened up. I don’t know where he gets that I told his son, I called everyone this morning, and they told me, “no, Roberto, I haven’t said anything, nor have I talked about anything.” I don’t know where he gets that from. I don’t know who puts those things in his head,” he said.

Despite the estrangement, Roberto Palazuelos assured us that he is very fond of Andrés García, although he declined that there would be an approach.

He was quite annoyed about the challenge that the actor threw at him. He assured us, “We are not in the old west, please. Do you think that a man like me, a family man, a lawyer, a businessman, is going to get into such a situation? ” he declared.

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What is the relationship between Palazuelos and Andrés García?

What happened between Andrés García and Roberto Palazuelos?

The friendship between Andrés Garcia and Roberto Palazuelos was one of the best known in the middle of the show, even the actor had declared that the businessman would be his universal heir.

For this reason, the enmity between the businessman and lawyer has surprised Robert Palazuelos and Andres Garcia.