Roberto Palazuelos threatens to sue journalist Lydia Cacho for defamation and slander

Roberto Palazuelos He will take legal actions for defamation and slander against Lydia Cacho, after the journalist accused him of being part of a network of money laundering, dispossession and disappearances in Tulum, Mexico.

This accusation came to light after announcing that the “Black Diamond” would be a candidate for Governor of Quintana Roo for the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD).

Cacho recalled that he exhibited the actor in his investigation published in 2015, “Tulum: land of ambitions”, and after that, the businessman also replied through a statement that categorically denies said incriminations.

I categorically deny what was published a few days ago by Mrs. Lydia Cacho where he refers to an investigation he did 6 years ago on alleged crimes around ejido lands in Quintana Roo.

“It is in the public domain that I have built my properties in Tulum more than 20 years ago and that I am an entrepreneur recognized by the Quintana Roo hoteliers association, so your“ research ”now modified is clearly wrong“, Said Palazuelos, 54 years old.

Finally, he pointed out that Lydia Cacho will have to prove her complaints against the candidate in court.

“I have instructed my team of lawyers to document all the information that has come out in the media, to be able to present it before a jurisdictional authority. With this evidence, the woman will be prosecuted so that she responds to the law“.

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