Robotín reveals that he looked for Andrea Llosa for DNA tests: “I was misio, there were like four thousand lucas”

Alan Castillo, popularly known as ‘Robotín’, He confessed to the TikTok program B&H Podcast and referred again to the controversy that enveloped him in 2021, when he found out LIVE, on the Andrea Llosa program, that he was not the biological father of two of his children.

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“My daughter, my blood, is seven years old … I found out that my three-year-old daughter was not of my blood and I had a natural reaction … maybe that was what made everything go viral, my reaction. .. I found out in the program “, confessed the comedian when remembering the images of despair when the results of the DNA tests of the minors were revealed.

When asked why he appeared in ‘Andrea’, Robotin He confessed that he approached the production of the ATV space because he received evidence of alleged infidelity of his then partner, Jasmine RojasAnd, since she didn’t have enough money, she wanted paternity tests to be provided.

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“I looked for the program because that program is about DNA and I had received some tests from the mother of my daughters, some adulterous tests with certain people”, He said Alan Castillo. In addition, he indicated that since we were in a pandemic at that time, he did not have the budget for the exams.

“I wanted to know the truth and how we were in a pandemic, it was needle, it was misio, there were three DNAs that I wanted to order and there are like four thousand lucas. I thought about it a hundred thousand times and I said, if this egg … it goes viral, everyone is going to screw me … but what a …, my truth is my truth and I want to live in peace”, Robotín added.

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