Rodrigo squares Greg Michel LIVE after denouncing Sebastián: “You can’t trust us and leave your brother in a bad way”

Greg Michel communicated LIVE this Wednesday with Amor y Fuego to comment on the strong complaint he made against his former friend Sebastián Lizarzaburu, for allegedly having kept part of the money from his donations after suffering an accident in his gym in Tarapoto.

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At one point, the Belgian model told Rodrigo González that he never wanted to make the case public and that he only told a member of his production team about it because he is his friend from many years ago and he trusted him, as well as be close to the ‘rock man’.

“I trusted and told him that I did not want to testify”, I “ll guide you greg michel to the conductor of AMor y Fuego, awakening his indignation. As expected, the popular Peluchín did not hold anything back and immediately squared it with everything.

You cannot trust a toad, a show program and leave your best friend, your brother, I think it helps you less, don’t come to me now with that ‘I felt confident to tell someone from the production of Amor y Fuego that Sebastián is messing with my head’. Here we were not going to keep your secret, that does not happen, this is not Disney, do not trust us”, attacked the popular ‘Peluchín’.

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greg michel He used his social networks to comment on the confrontation he had this Wednesday afternoon with Sebastián Lizarzaburu, after accusing him of not giving the full amount of donations made by his friends, family and fans after his serious accident in Tarapoto.

Through his Instagram stories, the Belgian model was disappointed in the “rock man” and assured that he insulted him and made fun of him live in Amor y Fuego. “ANDIt’s a shame to receive insults and not realize it because I had no way back, I was on my phone and very little was heard. He lost his sanity and calm at a very difficult time. He insulted, laughed, mocked and does not count how many times I was for him, how many times I supported him, how many times he cried on my shoulder., narrowed down

He also assured that Sebastian Lizarzaburu He asked him not to answer Rodrigo González’s call, although he himself contacted Willax’s entertainment space.. “I answered the call because he was still live despite asking me by intern not to attend the call. He does not respect his words, he makes fun of commented Greg Michael.

Finally, he lamented that today he is confronted with his ‘brother’ over an economic problem. “May God enlighten your thoughts”, the Belgian model ended.


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