Roger del Águila and ‘The Mummy’ meet again in ‘Habacilar’: “Has he risen?”

‘La Mummy’, the well-remembered academic who stole the laughter of many viewers with his antics on the program “Habacilar”, was present among the audience invited to the premiere of “Esto es Habacilar”.

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His real name is Juan José, and his presence did not go unnoticed by Roger del Águila, who did not hesitate to approach him to greet him, even joking with the possibility that he could be his driving duo.

“No, it can not be. Has he risen? At the end of time, the dead will rise. Sir, sir, spirit. Will my duo be ‘The Mummy’? Have they hired you?”said the host of the new program for América Televisión.

Faced with the questions, ‘The Mummy’ made a sign that he could not speak, and the driver said: “’The Mummy’ doesn’t speak. So… he can’t drive.”

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‘La mummy’, whose real name is Juan José, made his first appearance on the América TV program as part of the audience. Being in the front row, Raúl Romero noticed his presence and made all kinds of jokes, most of them about his unique physical appearance. Thus it was baptized as ‘The mummy’.

Over time, “The Mummy” became a frequent attendee of the program and managed to win the hearts of viewers, even participating in the games.


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