Romance in The House of the Famous shocked Eduardo Rodríguez

on the reality show The House of the Famous an alleged romance has arisen between Daniella Navarro and Salvador Zerbonibecause the inhabitants have given something to talk about, after the images that leaked from them in the suite of the house.

But given the stir caused by those hot scenes among the actors, one of the participants who was eliminated spoke about it, and in AmericanPost.News We share the statements of Edward Rodriguezwho was shocked to see those scenes of Daniella’s seduction.

It is worth mentioning that the television program “Al Rojo Vivo” aired that horny moment between Daniella and Zerboni, but despite the fact that it was somewhat tempting for the actor, he did not agree to the actress’s powers of seduction, but he left Eduardo surprised. .

Eduardo Rodríguez reacted to the new romance in La Casa de los Famosos

We remember that Rodríguez and Daniella had an affair inside the house, but lately they have caught the actress with Zerboni giving each other caresses, since they have gone from caresses to kisses. This happened when Zerboni won the suite and invited Daniella.

After that spicy moment, the reality show hosts questioned Eduardo what he thought when he saw those images and he limited himself to saying: “The running of the bulls is hard…Look, I prefer to omit my opinion. I have nothing to say.” The actor expressed.

“I wish Daniella the best.” Said the famous.

For their part, users reacted to Rodríguez’s statements and commented: “So badly that he spoke of Ivonne, life turns around”, “karma”, “What comes easy, goes easy”, “I enjoyed seeing the face of Edward”, “Saint Daniella of Calcutta”. It was the messages of the netizens.

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Where is the House of the Famous?

Telemundo reality show

The reality show La Casa de los Famosos is available through the Telemundo signal, although users can also enjoy the details of the inhabitants on the YouTube channel, as well as on the project’s Instagram and Twitter social networks.

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