Romelu Lukaku: “I’m not happy at Chelsea”

The second stage in the Chelsea from the Belgian forward Romelu lukaku, It does not seem to be as good as expected, acknowledging that she is not happy in the London team and in an interview she indicated that she could return to the Inter de Milan.

“Physically I am fine. But I am not happy with the situation in Chelsea. Tuchel has chosen to play with another system. I’m not happy and it’s normal. The only thing I can do is not give up and continue as a professional, “said the forward in an interview conducted by Sky Sports.

With 13 games played in the Premier leagueLukaku has had a drop in the goalscoring quota expected by the North London team, however, he has been absent due to injuries and a decision by Thomas Tuchel. “I am a worker and I am not going to give up,” he added.

Lukaku and his return to Inter Milan?

In the same interview conducted by Sky Sports, the Chelsea forward was sincere and apologized for his departure from the Italian team Inter de Milan, where it could shine after a poor step through it Manchester United.

“It shouldn’t have happened that way and I’m sorry for the fans. It was not the moment. I have Inter in my heart and I hope to play there again. I want from the bottom of my heart to return to Inter. I do not want to do it at the end of my career, but when I am still at the highest level. I want to apologize to the fans, “he added.

Romelu Lukaku returned to Chelsea after the London team paid Inter Milan $ 116 million, with a two-year contract.