Romina Marcos, Niurka’s daughter, poses without clothes on Instagram with a powerful message and paralyzes the networks

The daughter of the famous Cuban actress and dancer Niurka Marcos, Romina, He caused a stir again on Instagram after posting a daring image in which he showed his curvy figure. The young woman also took advantage of the networks to launch a powerful message of self-love that her thousands of followers applauded.

Niurka is the mother of three children: Emilio, Kiko, and Romina, born on June 24, 1995. Her father is a businessman named Jorge Francisco de Jesús Pasos Romero, whom the young woman has already introduced on her social networks and is known to originate from Yucatán.

The 26-year-old girl studied at Televisa’s Center for Artistic Education (CEA). In addition to her acting career, she is recognized on social networks as an influencer who has gained many followers after showing a change in her image by losing more than 10 kilos.

In July of this year, she surprised his fans with a radical change of look, showing herself with very short hair. Now, Marcos has once again caused a stir on social networks by sharing with his thousands of followers a daring image in which you can see her only wearing white panties.

On her Instagram account, where almost 450 thousand fans follow her, Cuban Niurka Marcos’s daughter published a snapshot this Friday night. She boasts of her curvy figure and shows how proud and happy she is with her body by posing in a few clothes.

In 2019, the young woman declared that she had lost 11 kilos thanks to a rigorous diet to which she was subjected, since due to her work, she had neglected this part of her health, and clarified that she had done it for herself, not because of the pressure of being the daughter of the famous actress and dancer, “It was out of self-love” she confessed.

To accompany the controversial image, with which she has joined other young influencers such as María Levy, by showing her body without filters and as a show of self-esteem, Romina wrote a powerful message of self-love to inspire her thousands of fans.

The 26-year-old actress shared a fragment of the book “Everything I need already exists in me” by Rupi Kaur, with which she demonstrated.

“Give me fine lines and wrinkles … I want sun spots as a holiday gift from the beaches we lay on … I want to leave this place knowing that I did something with my body beyond trying to make it look perfect.”