Ron DeSantis: Florida launches initiative to “protect” white people from their oppressive past

Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis sent an initiative so that schools and private businesses don’t bother white people when teaching issues of discrimination.

In one more effort to sink the teachings given by the Critical Race Theory (Critical Race Theory), an educational plan whose purpose is teach the ravages of racism in the United States in order to protect and help the empathy of minorities to avoid new waves of segregation.

The Florida Republicans has turned against the rights of African Americans and Latinos. They are vocal in purging minority votes, geographic redistricting in your favor and in eradicating those teachings against racism.

The Senate Education Committee, controlled by Republicans, passed the law. However, it could be a blow to the education and business union, since there is a risk that students or employees sue companies and schools for teaching history or a labor workshop that promotes non-discrimination.

Shevrin Jones, African-American Senator from Florida’s 35th District mentioned that “white people nor should be responsible for what happened (times of segregation), but what I can ask the white counterpart (Republican senators) is, do they want to eliminate what happened (racism) or are they going to say ‘we have to talk about history?’

Ron DeSantis previously mentioned that Critical Race Theory (Critical Race Theory) is “trash”.

In addition, he mentioned that everything is a “elite phenomenon” What do they seek “shove down the throats of the American people”.

DeSantis has publicly promised to combat efforts to continue to implement laws who attack teachings caused by the ravages of racism. “They won’t do that (teach Critical Theory) in the state of Florida“.

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