Ron DeSantis, the Republican who grows in popularity to such an extent that Donald Trump infuriates

Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.

Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP / Getty Images

A leader molded in his image and likeness. That was the concept that Donald Trump had just a few months ago of Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida who also It seemed the perfect example of his Make America Great Again ideology.. But, as they say in politics, “The honeymoon” between the two is over, and the former president has changed the way he expresses himself about his co-religionist.

In early 2021, DeSantis assumed the leadership of his state’s response to the covid-19 crisis, with a line of non-intervention from the government. So enthusiasm grew for him from both GOP operators and donors, which did not go unnoticed in Trump’s eyes.

Just in April, the ex-president declared in a television interview that “certainly” would consider DeSantis for the vice president position should he run for a third campaign in 2024; six months later the tone changed when Trump demanded that he publicly rule out that he would seek the candidacy to the White House.

CNN quotes a person close to the former president, who told him that “it’s not that Trump is complaining about Ron… but likes to remind Ron and others that he did it”, Adding that he hopes DeSantis will be more appreciative of him.

Trump wants to take credit for the success of DeSantis, or so Taylor Budowich, a spokesman for the former president, did, who told CNN that Trump’s victory in Florida in 2020 “paved the way for Republicans, including Gov. Ron DeSantis, to raze in the state of 2022 “. He suggested that he “catapulted him (…) into the governor’s mansion,” by backing him in the party’s primaries in 2018.

“President Trump remains committed and supportive of Governor Ron DeSantis, who has been a champion of President Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda,” the spokesman added.

DeSantis’s refusal to publicly dismiss himself by 2024 irritates Trump to such an extent that, although two people close to him have said that DeSantis He has privately stated that he does not want to challenge him, Trump demands that it be ruled out in public.

DeSantis’s “is a smart vision. Until you’re reelected, don’t start having a conversation about 2024. If you’re trying to ask people for their vote and you lean toward presidential speculation, it makes it that much more difficult, “said a former Trump adviser.

The Governor of Florida has already presented his running for reelection to the Florida government in 2022, and has declared on television that he does not consider “anything beyond doing my job.” Trump is particularly frustrated by the organic enthusiasm DeSantis has garnered from wealthy donors, who have not skimped on supporting him for a second term as Florida governor.

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