Ronald Acuña Jr.: I will not miss Freddie Freeman, we had many problems

Photo: Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Atlanta Braves will start his defense of the Major League Baseball championship this Thursday in a series against the Cincinnati Reds. However, before hearing the voice of play ball, the fans focused their eyes on Ronald Acuna Jr. after the Venezuelan sent poisoned messages to Freddie Freeman, current player of Los Angeles Dodgers.

The 24-year-old star spoke with the Dominican Yancel Pujols in a live on the Instagram social network and in said interview; The gardener confirmed that he will not miss his former partner one bit, since they had many problems.

“I will not miss him, we were not very close, we only shared a stadium. We had many clashes, he never cared when I was beaten and he was not a person with whom you could talk much ”Ronald Acuna Jr. commented.

But that was not all, the Venezuelan also reported some problems with the starter, one of them being when he debuted in The majors. Even though Freeman He was not the only one, but there was another group of veterans who supported the attitude of the Californian.

One of these unpleasant episodes was when Acuna Jr. she painted her eyes black and Freeman came and wiped it off with a cloth and told her they don’t do it that way. This fact greatly impressed the Venezuelan, but he could not comment on it.

“One comes with a Minor League flow, with a crossed cap, glasses and a painted face, something that doesn’t look bad for being part of the game. They themselves told me that I can’t use that, many veterans applied it to me for two years “the gardener pointed out.

This way “The abuser” he cataloged Freeman as an arrogant and very authoritarian person. Likewise, the Venezuelan reiterated that he will be recovering for a few weeks in Triple A to make the big team stronger and be a true leader.

Freeman, for his part, closed his cycle in Atlanta, after signing a lucrative contract with Los Angeles Dodgers for six years in exchange for 162 million dollars. All this after spending more than a decade with the Braves.

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