Rosalia is all the rage with tight red dresses

Rosalia is one of the most successful singers, which is why she constantly becomes a trend on social networks, and this time it was for showing off her curves in a tiny and tight dress, which shows that the color red is their favorite. We offer you the evidence.

On American Post News, we have let you know that “La Motomami” has become one of the female music and fashion icons, thanks to her charismatic personality and incredible talent, as all her releases have become a resounding success.

On this occasion, Rosalía stole sighs on social networks with daring looks, demonstrating her beauty and spectacular figure, hogging the spotlight in the entertainment world.

Rosalía drives the networks crazy.

Rosalía shows off her curves with tight looks.

Through her official Instagram account, the singer Rosalía posed in different clothes that highlighted her beauty. However, it was with a navy blue mini dress with red details, with which she again generated great excitement.

Let us remember that Rosalía has been seen wearing red clothes on several occasions, showing that it is one of her favorite colors, and we will show you the evidence:

Rosalia on Instagram

Rosalía has become an icon in music.

Rosalía’s recent publication in her tiny dress was praised by her fans because, in addition to wearing a sensual look, the singer showed off her makeup in perfect combination.

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Rosalia’s age

The world-renowned singer is 29 years old and was born on September 25, 1992, in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Spain so she will be celebrating her birthday in a few days.

Rosalía’s fame and success have grown after the premiere of ‘El Mal Querer,’ the album that made her leap into international recognition.

Rosalia is considered one of the greatest exponents of urban music, and all her releases have become absolute successes.