Rosalía is branded “low class” for the new look of her eyebrows

Rosalía has become a topic of conversation on social networks and not precisely for any topic related to her new album titled ‘MOTOMAMI,’ but for having a radical change in her eyebrows, which have left more than one with their mouths open.

The Spanish singer has shared a random series of photographs through her Instagram account. However, two have attracted attention because they show her wearing ultra-thin eyebrows, which could refer to the kumadori makeup that is often used in traditional Japanese theater.

Rauw Alejandro’s girlfriend proudly showed off her new eyebrow design.

As expected, the Instagram post did not go unnoticed by fans of the ‘SAOKO‘ singer, who praised her boldness in wearing a very unusual eyebrow design. The furor has been such that she managed to exceed 1.4 million likes in just three days.

Receive harsh criticism on Instagram

The Spanish singer was the target of harsh criticism on social networks for her new eyebrows.

Unfortunately, it was not all honey on flakes for the singer because on social networks, it is possible to see several criticisms that cybernauts have launched mercilessly against her, and there were even those who claimed that she resorts to this type of look to attract attention at any cost.

More about Rosalia:

Despite this, the native of San Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona, has made it clear that the criticism does not affect her. And there is no denying that her style, loved by many and hated by others, stands out for being irreverent, and for proof of this, we have the length of her nails, which has become a trend worldwide.

Why is Rosalia so famous?

Today, she is one of the most representative and versatile artists of music in Spanish.

As La Verdad Noticias previously mentioned, Rosalía became known in Latin America thanks to ‘Con Altura,’ a song in collaboration with J Balvin and El Guincho, considered one of the best songs of 2019. However, her fame began with ‘Malamente,’ a single from her first album, ‘El Mal Querer.’

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