Rosalía launches Motomami Deluxe, with four new songs

A little more than five months after conquering the public with her third studio album “Motomami,” with which she entered fully into urban music, the singer from Barcelona, Spain, Rosalía, now announced the arrival of a Deluxe version of the album with four new songs that have caused great excitement.

In the middle of her “Motomami Tour 2022”, while reuniting with her fans, the Spanish artist, creator of hits such as “Saoko” and “Bizcochito,” Rosalía Vila Tobella, better known only as Rosalía, surprised everyone now announcing the arrival of a Deluxe version of her acclaimed album “Motomami” with which she changed her musical career forever.

On March 18, the artist from Barcelona, Spain, Rosalía, ended the wait after an absence of more than four years from the recording studios by releasing her new album “Motomami,” an album that, from the first minutes of its release, was received in the best way by her fans.

Composed of 16 songs lasting more than 40 minutes, the third studio album of the singer of “Malamente” was a success by grabbing the top spots on international charts such as Billboard and digital platforms.

Rosalía decided to embark on an international tour in which she sang live her hits to her audience in Spain and Latin America, where she took the opportunity to release some unreleased songs that were received in the best way as the singles “Despechá” and the most recent “El Pañuelo,” a bachata in collaboration with Romeo Santos.

Due to the success that the album “Motomami” has received both in reproductions and in the Motomami Tour 2022, the Spanish artist now announced the arrival of a Deluxe version of the record production and did so through a publication on Instagram, where she thanked the Dominican Republic public for the most recent show she offered.

According to the information revealed in the post, Rosalía will release the Deluxe version of her third studio album on September 9 on all digital platforms, where her fans will be able to listen to the singles “Lax,” “Dinero y Libertad,” “Aislamiento” and “Despechá,” the songs that were left out of the original list.

Although this information has not been confirmed so far, the singles have been presented in the concerts that the singer has offered on her international tour, so it has been speculated that they will be those songs. However, it has yet to be confirmed.

For the moment, Rosalia is enjoying the most of the Motomami Tour 2022 and especially the great reception of her most recent collaboration with Romeo Santos in “El Pañuelo,” a song that in a couple of days has exceeded 2.5 million plays only in the official video clip on YouTube.