Rosalía leaves fans in shock with the release of the remix of “Bizcochito”

Without promoting, the Spanish singer Rosalia left his fans open-mouthed by announcing the release of the remix of “Biscochito”a new version in collaboration with Haraca Kiko Y LeoRD, but where can you listen to the theme? In American Post News we tell you.

And it is that, it was last Thursday, October 20, that the artist announced the release of the song that is available on Amazon Musicthe only platform where it is available, but in a few weeks it will reach the other platforms.

In the entertainment news we have let you know that the Spanish is promoting her music through her concert tour, but every time she performs the song “Bizcochito” on stage, she manages to drive the fans crazy, who enjoy dancing and sing that song.

New version of Rosalía’s “Bizcochito” surprised fans

This new version of one of the artist’s successful songs reveals the good relationship there is with Haraca, who joined the remix to create a version with classic Dominican dembow sounds.

Users react to the new remix The singer achieved popularity for the album “El mal Querer”

For their part, fans have reacted to the remix of “Bizcochito”, some comment that they cannot listen to it, others say that they prefer the original song: “I can’t listen to it”, “No one has Amazon Music Rosi”, “They ruined my bizcochito “. There were some comments.

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What song launched Rosalía to fame?

The singer achieved popularity for the album “El mal Querer”

The singer Rosalía rose to fame with the song “Badly” that comes off her album “El mal Querer”. In the same way, other successes of the singer are: “Say my name”, “I think about your look”, “Last night”, “Despecha”, among others.

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