Rosalía lights up Mexico City’s Zócalo: massive concert on April 28th

Join Rosalía on April 28th for a spectacular night in Mexico City's Zócalo as she becomes the first international act of 2023, with more surprises in store this year.

The head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, announced that the singer Rosalía would be the next artist to perform in the Zócalo of the Historical Center to give a massive concert. Through her Tik Tok account, she assured me that this event would take place on April 28th.

This concert will start at 8:00 p.m. on the fourth Friday of the month. As in most shows agreed in the capital, attendees can enter a few hours before it starts.

Regarding the possibility of contacting Manu Chao in the capital, he said that his administration is looking for them to return to the stages in the CDMX. In the case of Bad Bunny, he said that this year it would not be possible to hold the event since the artist has planned not to make any presentations.

Margarita, la Diosa de la Cumbia, Los Askis, and various DJs performed in the Zócalo during 2023; however, this is the first international artist to offer a concert in the Zócalo of Mexico City this year.

At a press conference, Sheinbaum Pardo announced that this will not be the last concert this year, as there are still musical surprises for 2023.

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The singer will be the star of one of the most awaited events in the Zócalo. PHOTO: Cuartoscuro
The singer will be the star of one of the most awaited events in the Zócalo. PHOTO: Cuartoscuro

Where did the rumor come from?

The singer was part of the lineup of the Axe Ceremonia festival, which took place in Mexico City on April 2. During her visit, the singer said she was a fan of the people in the country and, particularly, of aguachile.

It should be noted that the singer, who has more than 40 million 219 thousand listeners on Spotify, had already visited the country this month, as she was the closing act at the Ceremonia festival, which took place in the bicentennial park, where attendees could enjoy songs like Despechá, Bizcochito or Saoko, a list of songs that can also be appreciated in her concert in the Zócalo.

MEXICO, THANK YOU FOR YESTERDAY!!!!!! And for giving me so much love whenever I come and for the aguachiles and for inspiring me and my motobabys you are the best in the world.

This led to speculation that the Spaniard could appear in a show in the Historic Center. In turn, the Tickethamster account, which usually provides information on concert previews in the country, published an image that confirms these facts.

Claudia Sheinbaum’s Morning Conference regarding the Concert to be held in the Zócalo of the CDMX
-The concert will take place on April 28th
-The artist will be announced today in the TikTok of the Head of the Government
-Manu Chao and Bad Bunny are ruled out, but work continues…

Finally, the government of the capital city announced that it would be this April 10 when the announcement that the artist would give a concert in Mexico City would be made.