Rauw Alejandro proposes to Rosalía: a look at the engagement and the luxurious ring

Celebrity couple Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro are engaged! Discover the luxurious ring and the sweet details of their proposal in this exciting story.

She said yes! The entertainment world is happier than ever and celebrating after Rauw Alejandro finally gave the engagement ring to Rosalía, with whom he has formed one of the most solid couples in show business and with whom he has claimed to be madly in love.

Here’s a quick look at her engagement ring:

Rosalía’s engagement ring

The news comes after several questions from both family members and other celebrities, the most recent one from Ibai Llanos, who, in a recent interview, did not hesitate to question the happy couple if they were thinking about going to the altar. Although, at the time, the question aroused nerves between the two, now it is known that it was within their plans.

“Oh, Ibai, what a thing you have, really! Like my grandmother. My grandmother always tells me: ‘Well, so what'”, was the answer Rosalía gave to Ibai Llanos after the marriage questions.

As expected, the news caused a stir on social networks, and is that in addition to being the role model couple, they are also two of the most important faces of the moment. Meanwhile, their fans are not the only ones who have celebrated the news. Even other celebrities like Cardi B have shared their excitement at the most important engagement of the year and even blamed the couple for bringing tears of emotion.

They are the hottest couple of the moment (Photo: IG @rawualejandro).
They are the hottest couple (Photo: IG @rawualejandro).

How did Rauw Alejandro propose to Rosalia? This is what we know.

Although for many, this news fell like a bucket of cold water, for others, it was the most awaited and especially for the tender words with which each one usually refers to the other. Although there are few details about the proposal, the first images did not take long to go viral on social networks. The singers themselves announced the news in the video clip of “Beso,” one of the songs they had just released.

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In the video, we see several moments of the couple. Still, until the end, the interpreter of “Bizcochito” can be seen in a dark space with a face full of joy and emotion. However, it is not the only thing that can be seen, since she also showed her most vulnerable side when she could not hold back the tears when she learned that she said yes to Rauw Alejandro, with whom it is rumored that she has been with for quite some time. Still, it was until September 2021 that they made it public on an important red carpet. Faced with the emotion, the singer did not hesitate to let out a few words:

“Oh my God. And all the mascara here ran. I love you,” the singer said in a video while holding a red box, showing off her engagement ring and wiping away tears, until she finally gives her beloved a kiss .

This is the luxurious ring (Photo: IG @iamcardib).
This is the luxurious ring (Photo: IG @iamcardib).

As anticipated, this video did not take long to go viral on social networks, such as YouTube, and took the recording to platforms like Instagram and TikTok. One case was that of Cardi B, who uploaded a photo of Rosalia crying and showing off her ring accompanied by the text: “Congratulations. So adorable they almost made me cry.” However, so far no further details of the romantic proposal are known, but the luxurious jewelry.

This is what the spectacular and luxurious ring looks like in white gold and diamonds.

After the three songs they released together, including “Beso,” where they announced their engagement, all the details of the luxurious piece with which Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro took a step further in their relationship were also released. The traditional ring, with a classic cut diamond mounted on a white gold band, surprised many.

It should be noted that small diamonds also surround the huge central diamond to achieve the most luxurious engagement jewelry. But besides these details that can be seen with the naked eye, there is no more information about the ring, although it is believed that it belongs to one of the most exclusive jewelers and that the value must also be high.