Rosalía’s new song ‘Tuya’ sparks speculation about a past romance with Euphoria’s Hunter Schafer

The rumored hidden layers in Rosalía's 'Tuya', hinting at unconfirmed ties with Euphoria star Hunter Schafer.

Recently the famous singer Rosalía surprised her thousands of fans after the release of her new song “Tuya,” accompanied by a video clip that stunned the audience with its diversity, audiovisual, and artistic structure that already distinguishes the also singer of “Beso.”

Let’s remember that Rosalía is gaining more and more popularity and boom within the music scene. Mexico is no exception because she surprised all the attendees with her show at the Zócalo in Mexico City.

In addition, on social networks, she has won the affection of thousands of people worldwide who, besides following her musical career, follow her love life with reggaeton singer Rauw Alejandro with whom she got engaged in uniting their lives forever.

“Tuya,” her new song

They are currently one of the most loved couples in the music world because together, they have shared trips and very important moments, which has led them to have a great connection as individuals.

However, rumors about her past relationships haunt her because of her great popularity, and now one more is added after the release of her song “Tuya,” which she allegedly dedicated to Hunter Schafer, a famous actress who participated in the HBO Max series “Euphoria.”

This alleged story has context since 2019, when Rosalia and the famous actress became inseparable. A romance between both artists was practically an open secret. Although this relationship was never confirmed, it was common to see them together at parties, social events, fashion shows and even at awards, where the “Motomami” dedicated a few words to the actress.

Might be interesting:

Did she dedicate it to Hunter Schafer?

In networks circulates a video where a study is made where presumably it is a song dedicated to the actress after not finalizing their relationship, although it was noted a great potential to the same of having been made public; according to users of the TikTok platform, the song “Tuya” narrates one of the nights she spent with Hunter and that could be transcendental for both.

“Only tonight I’m yours, yours. Only tonight you’re mine, mine.

You want to see me naked. Me you below my belly button,” goes the chorus of this song.

Although this moment has not been confirmed by either of the two celebrities, in social networks, this rumor continues to grow, where fans claim that this romance did not materialize because the interpreter of “Saoko” met Rauw Alejandro.