Rosca de Reyes a tradition amid the pandemic

One of the most important celebrations in Mexico is the Kings Day, the same celebration in which a traditional bread called Rosca de Reyes which is made with flour, egg, butter, milk, and regional ingredients such as orange, vanilla, guava paste and other fruits, this piece tends to unite families because the way to split it is unique and gives way to another celebration. .. The day of the Candlemas.

In Cancun this tradition took a lot of force because many people from Yucatan came to work at Cancun, and one of its most important celebrations is the day of the Kings, the clear example is the fair of Tizimin, dedicated to Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar, With a deeply rooted tradition, this city also adopted it and currently there are artisan bakeries that follow the recipes that come from generation to generation.

The team of AmericanPost.News made a visit to a Tizimín-style bakery that follows the traditional way of making the product, and that has earned a reputation for having the most authentic roscas de reyes on the market, by which people from Women Island and other parts of the state do their errands.

It is the El Pan Nuestro Bakery located in the Paseos del Mar subdivision and for the second consecutive year has been fully involved in the preparation of the well-known Roscas de Reyes, where they offer the original and the stuffed ones that are in trend.

Rosca de Reyes survives the pandemic

Rosca de Reyes a tradition amid the pandemic

One of the things that has changed this year is the rise in the prices of inputs such as flour, egg and milk, which increases the final price of bread, and since this year there has been almost no bagel for families in several bakeries.

“The prices of inputs have risen too much in recent months, like 30 percent and that made us think this year about the development of the Thread, but we are confident that this year it will be sold more than last year, we try to maintain prices but that is very difficult, “said Luis Martínez, in charge of the bakery. Our Bread.

Traditional Rosca de Reyes with Tizimín taste

Rosca de Reyes a tradition amid the pandemic

For her part, Doña Lore, also from the bakery, said in an interview sent to this medium that they will not raise prices because they support their customers, so the prices were from 170 pesos up to 400, if specific fillings are required that have to do with cheeses or hazelnut cream.

Unlike last year, product orders have been placed, which gives confidence that the economy is flowing better than last year and that refers to a high season that has just passed in the state, for which it is expected that this year can be exceed sales by 100 percent compared to pre-sale sales pandemic.

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