Rosie Rivera responds after Chiquis’s accusations: “I’m not going to enter the circus”

Rosie Rivera was accused by Chiquis Rivera of having concealed robberies in one of Jenni Rivera’s companies

Photo: Rosie Rivera / Mezcalent

After the statements in which Chiquis Rivera assures that Rosie Rivera hid robberies in Jenni Rivera Fashion While she was in charge of the companies of “La Diva de la Banda”, Rosie has responded through a video that she published on her Instagram account and has said that she is not going to enter the media “circus” that is around the subject.

Rosie Rivera, who ceased to be the administrator of the companies that Jenni Rivera left and was replaced by Jacqie Rivera, wrote: “OKAY! This is what I have to say “ and left the video that lasts more than 11 minutes, in which he started talking about the media.

“When there are difficult situations for a couple of people, take a good look at who is instilling gossip, who is putting weeds, who is adding fuel to the fire because they are the ones who benefit perhaps with looking good to you, perhaps with the fact that they sell the note. They are saying “Rosie, what are you going to answer?” my answer is that I am not going to answer, that I am not going to enter the circus ”, said Rosie Rivera.

“When it is something familiar a lot less will I answer in public, It is not my style, it is not what I do: in case I am going to answer because there are certain situations that sometimes are not worth it, “he explained.

In the video, Rosie Rivera says that she hopes that when she passes away, her children will be able to say with pride that she handled herself “with class” in the face of this situation that she has been talking about for a long time and that she will probably continue to do so.

“I am a warrior, and Before, another Rosie loved the fight. I transformed that Rosie. I am still a warrior, but my fight is not with family, it is not with you, but many come to want to bite and want to fight and I will not allow you to get to me, “said the sister of” La Diva de la Banda. ”

These statements come just hours after Chiquis Rivera, daughter of Jenni, will accuse her of having hidden robberies in Jenni Rivera Fashion, one of the companies Rosie has run since her sister passed away.

“I just realized that a couple of years ago someone was stealing from Jenni Rivera Fashion. Someone very close to Rosie, and Rosie knew it. As the money was paid, Rosie paid the money. We still have to see how much it was, I think it was like $ 80,000 that was stolen, because that’s what it was, it was stolen from Jenni Rivera Fashion ”, Chiquis assured in a live published on his Instagram account.

In addition, he explained that he will not talk more about the subject even if they ask him in interviews:

“It is the first and last time that I speak about this, although they ask me in interviews, I am not going to speak, I no longer want to speak about this. I want to go ahead and see what we are going to do with my mother’s legacy, “said the singer.

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