Rosy McMichael launches her makeup collection with Beauty Creations

Rosy McMichael launched her makeup collection with the cosmetics brand Beauty Creations. Through Instagram and her YouTube channel, this content creator shared pleasant news with her audience, which exceeds six million followers on both platforms.

Rosy has become known on YouTube for being a person who respectfully and professionally reviews makeup brands ranging from high-end to those that circulate in pharmacies or supermarkets. Her name, at times, has wanted to be linked to some kind of scandal in the YouTube world. However, her fans and her successes support her career, and for more than 12 years, the Mexican has been making a name for herself in the cosmetic beauty industry. So much so that she is even the face of Univision.

For this reason, following the natural course of things, Rosy is now launching a makeup collection that represents her and in which she also involves her girls and boys, offering, for example, her eyeshadow palette. These colors work on practically all skin types. And where this word -boys- could not be missing.

She didn’t forget the glitter either because we know Rosy likes it to be “in focus” if there is glitter. Among her lipsticks, we have, on the other hand, two shades: a “true red” and, of course, a “nude,” both with matching pencils.

About the red, we learned that this is a tribute to her mother, Mrs. Emilia, who has inspired every step of McMichael. Her passion for makeup comes from watching her mother playing with her favorite palettes in front of a mirror, always painting her lips red.

The collection comes with a mirror, a gloss that smells “sweet,” and a set of eyelashes in three different sizes and styles. The PR box is, for Rosy’s taste, something that can grace the makeup table of any of her fans, as it is designed as a small white box with gold buttons.

This collection is undoubtedly a source of pride for this humble content creator and the rest of her community, as well as for her family because many of them have been walking with her for more than 12 years when a girl stood in front of a camera to tell whoever was on the other side of the computer screen that she was and is a makeup lover.