Rotten finger in hamburger was found by Hispanic when biting it (Video)

  • Not everyone will be able to digest this news.
  • A Hispanic woman found a rotten finger in her hamburger.
  • The client reported the event after she chewed the hamburger and noticed that it had a decomposed human finger.

Perhaps some customers will check the filling after learning that a Hispanic woman found a rotten human finger inside her hamburger just after chewing it at a fast food restaurant that, despite the claim, continued to serve food to others.


A customer identified as Estefany Benitez was horrified after she bit into a hamburger and chewed the disgusting remains of a decomposing human finger, The Sun newspaper reported on Thursday, September 16.

Found a rotten finger in his burger

rotten finger in burger

Estefany Benítez found the rotten finger in the hamburger when she ate at the Hot Burger store located in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Bolivia, on the night of Sunday, September 12, the aforementioned media detailed.

The Hispanic woman, who was with a friend, said that she bit her amputated finger while tasting the first bite of her hamburger just bought at that establishment. When denouncing what had happened through a post on Facebook, he said: “At the time of eating and chewing, I caught a FINGER.”

The Hispanic shared photos and videos after finding the rotten finger in her hamburger

rotten finger in burger
Image taken from Estefany Benitez’s Facebook

Estefany Benítez accompanied the comment with images of the rotten finger she found on the hamburger, along with videos that recorded the moment she waited to speak with a local representative, who later apologized for the incident.

In the videos, a Hot Burger employee can be heard saying to Estefany Benitez and her friend: “They tell me what you want and we give it to them. Really, it is something that gets out of our hands, because this comes directly to us already elaborated ”.

The restaurant apologized for the incident

rotten finger in burger
Screenshot of the video posted on Estefany Benitez’s Facebook

And when Estefany Benítez insisted on asking her what will be the solution that the company will give to the disgusting event that she had to experience, the employee replied that all her money would be returned. In turn, the worker reiterated: “Excuse me, really. This has never happened to us ”.

The Sun mentioned that in another three-minute video posted on Facebook, which has been viewed more than 66 thousand times as of Saturday, September 18, Estefany Benítez recounted: “Here we are at the magnificent Hot Burger where a finger ended up on my hamburger. I’ll post a photo of the finger right away. “

Noticed the rotten finger on the burger after taking a bite

rotten finger in burger
Image taken from Estefany Benitez’s Facebook

In the photo, according to the aforementioned newspaper, the upper part of a rotten finger was observed on the side of the woman’s plate after she allegedly took a bite of the hamburger. She explained that a business representative offered to close the restaurant while she was still there, but then “continued serving customers as if nothing had happened.”

And after his story went viral after being widely shared on the Internet, even reaching the media in other countries, a company spokesman called the matter an unfortunate “unfortunate incident.”

Authorities temporarily closed and fined the business (click on the image to see the video)

rotten finger in burger
Screenshot of the video posted on Estefany Benitez’s Facebook

Edson Claure, director of the National Police’s Special Crime Fighting Force, later confirmed to local media that a company employee had previously lost part of his index finger at work, the Sun report said.

Later, the shocking course of events led the Deputy Minister of Defense of User and Consumer Rights to temporarily close that Hot Burger branch and impose a fine on the company. It is not yet known whether the client will take legal action, The Sun said.

Users demonstrate and the company explains what happened

rotten finger in burger
Hot Burger Facebook

In the publications that Estefany Benitez made on Facebook, some users joked and commented: “As they took very seriously that of ‘it is like (to) suck their fingers'”, “no mames, wey”, “I think everyone is they imagined feeling the bone “,” here the thing is serious, it is not like making jokes about it, the police just have to examine the meat, from what you can see it may be that it is human meat that they prepare, it is a crime extreme, so many missing people, one already thinks of everything, the corresponding authorities get ready to investigate in depth ”.

Later, Hot Burger explained in a statement also released on Facebook: “Faced with a fortuitous incident that occurred with one of our employees, the company immediately activated all emergency protocols, prioritizing the health of our worker at all times, which has already been is in the recovery stage. Likewise, the internal investigation protocol was immediately activated to establish how an element foreign to our product reached one of the branches of our chain ”.

Finds nipple in hamburger and father faints in full mass

Find nipple on hamburger
Reference photo

In a world where more and more strange things happen, a man who went to eat at a McDonalds restaurant, found something unpleasant in his food, as he finds a nipple in his hamburger, while a father passes out in the middle of mass, okay to news portals of The Sun and a video uploaded on Facebook.

These events began to circulate rapidly on social networks, the first of them caused disgust and disgust among diners who are regulars of that fast food business, while the second moved the religious community by the solidarity shown by the parishioners.

Unusual facts

Find nipple on hamburger
Photo Twitter

Below we will tell you each of the stories that will leave you ‘frozen’, since they are not common cases to see, and yet they motivated a series of negative and positive comments, since they are totally contrary.

It is not the first time that situations like this have happened, however, with the number of events that are currently being seen, they attract a lot of attention, because the father was rescued from falling unconscious and a tragedy was generated.

Unpleasant surprise

Reference photo: Shutterstock

So unpleasant was the surprise he found at his dinner, that the diner has promised that he will not eat meat again and will become a vegetarian. The man was identified as Simon Robinson, 27, and went to the branch to order a bacon sandwich.

The client left the business with his food, but without opening it and eating something before arriving home, however, his surprise was capitalized, since what he had ordered had nothing to do with what he was given on his plate. Filed Under: Find Nipple On Burger

Find nipple on hamburger

Reference photo

But the man’s reaction was less common, since he left the complaint for later and went to his mother to tell her about the unpleasant surprise and afterwards, he took pictures and decided to complain at the McDonalds offices.

But he also complained publicly and verbatim: “Opening it and finding that was disgusting. It has completely discouraged me. So much so that I am considering going vegan now, ”he stated firmly and without hesitation. For more details visit this note.

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