Rubí believes that she will be the next eliminated from The Academy for this reason

AmericanPost.News He announced to you a few days ago that the songs that the students of The Academy 20 Years will perform at concerts 16 and 17 have already been assigned. However, the detail that caught our attention is that Ruby Ibarra Garcia considers that the song he played for her could turn her into the next eliminated from the competition.

It was during a talk with his partner Eduardo and his vocal coach Menny Carrasco that “The most famous quinceañera in Mexico” confessed that it will be quite a challenge to be able to reach the notes of ‘Your Missing to Want’ by Mon Lafertea theme that he will have to interpret in the concert next Sunday.

“I don’t know why they thought I would get this song,” he said. Ruby Ibarra Garcia between laughs. It is important to note that the viewing public thinks the same, because on social networks it is possible to read various opinions and there are even those who assure that the production assigned said song to him and thus ensure that it becomes the next eliminated.

Likewise, the 24/7 broadcast of the TV Azteca singing competition showed Eduardo practicing the song, which sparked rumors that there could be a change of themes. However, this theory was discarded when the young potosina was caught practicing in her roomproving once again that he will do his best to reach the final.

Rubí Ibarra, the star of La Academia

Due to her controversial time in the show, the most famous quinceañera in Mexico has been compared to Jolette. The new edition of the TV Azteca singing competition becomes the most commented on social networks every weekend.

As we informed you before, Rubí Ibarra García has become the star of La Academia 20 Años and not precisely because of her vocal talent, but because of the charisma that she exudes before the camera, which has helped her win the affection of the public, who have promised to support her until the end despite not having the best voice.

It is precisely for this reason that their participation has been very controversial, since some consider that his presence in the show is to raise the rating, which has caused her to be compared to Jolette Hernández. Also, more than one regrets that she is occupying a place in the semifinal and that talented participants have been eliminated.

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Where to see The Academy 20 Years?

The new edition of the TV Azteca singing competition becomes the most commented on social networks every weekend.

The Academy 20 Years is transmitted Saturdays and Sundays o’clock 8:30 p.m. (CDMX time) for the sign of Aztec One, while the 24/7 broadcast can be enjoyed on YouTube. You can also watch the broadcast through the channel’s website and the app, available for iOS and Android.

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