Rubí Quinceañera new photo: appears in black top

  • On Instagram, Rubí appeared in cheeky top.
  • “Nice sky,” he added as a description.
  • Rubí Ibarra García went viral in 2016 with her fifteen-year-old.

Ruby Quinceañera new photo. This week, the young woman of only 20 years old, Rubí Ibarra García was present on the social network Instagram through a couple of photographs she published, in which she was seen wearing a rather daring black top. In them you can see the figure of the most famous former quinceañera in Mexico, Rubí as well as a “beautiful sky”, he added in the description.

Users immediately reacted excitedly to the post in which they commented on how good it looked, even ‘better than heaven’, some mentioned. Currently the popular Rubí, has more than 70 thousand followers on her Instagram account, in which she frequently uploads photos and stories.

Rubí’s life over the years

PHOTO: Instagram

Rubí Ibarra García is a young woman from a small town called La Joya, located in the Potosino Altiplano, north of Mexico, she was born on August 31, 2001 and is the daughter of Crescencio Ibarra and Ana Elda García. Rubí reached fame in 2016, thanks to a video that went viral on networks in which the general public was invited to her XV-year party.

His father, initially created a group on Facebook with a certain number of people, in which he planned to share the video with the invitation to the happy party, however when uploading it, he did not realize that the publication was in ” worldwide ”so the video went beyond expectations.

They commented to him things raised of tone? for your photo on top

Rubí on Instagram
PHOTO: Instagram

“What a beautiful girl”, “How cool!”, “How beautiful you are Rubí!”, “How beautiful as always Rubí!” you are prettier ”,“ Pretty as always ”,“ A work of art ”,“ You are quite a model ”,“ Super pretty ”, were some of the comments that Rubí received on her Instagram post.

On the other hand, the comments on Facebook were not far behind, as there was more daring on the part of his followers, who wrote him some compliments such as: “I’m going with you“” You should come to hide in Colorado, greetings Rubí “,” I get lost with you babe “, expressed his fans.

Rubí Quinceañera new photo: The invitation to your XV years party

Ruby Party Invitation
PHOTO: YouTube

After being published, the video reached a high number of shares on Facebook and hundreds of visits on YouTube, likewise, the famous memes began to emerge among social networks, while a few other users commented that they would attend the quinceañera, the uproar It was so great that the news began to spread in different media.

“We invite you this December 26th to the XV years of our daughter Rubí Ibarra García, in the community of La Joya, the group Los Cachorros de Juan Villarreal, Los Indomables de Cedral, El Grupo Indomable will be playing Relay. X and there will be a goat of 10,000 pesos… ”, mentioned Rubí’s father in the video.

The scandal party for the Rubí Quinceañera

Ruby Ibarra
PHOTO: Hispanic World

In the midst of the chaos, Rubí’s father affirmed that although it was intended to be a party with only family and friends, he was not going to refuse entry to anyone and it was. The guests enjoyed the dance enlivened by various musical groups and tasted food that included a barbecue, barbecue, mole, rice and cake.

The then quinceañera, began wearing a fuchsia dress with orange details, rhinestones and silver accessories during the mass, later, at the beginning of the waltz, she appeared with a white dress accompanied by red flowers in different sizes and a gold belt.

The powerful guests for the party

Ruby Tik Tok
VIDEO: Tik Tok. Ruby Ibarra

Despite the high number of people who confirmed they would attend, about 30 thousand people were present in what became one of the most media events of 2016. According to police spokesmen, a total of 260 state security elements were mobilized, with the support of 34 patrols and 14 motorcyclists.

The most distinguished guest of the night was the now former governor of San Luis Potosí, Juan Manuel Carreras, who also gave Rubí a computer and books. For their part, national and international media also gathered at the event to give minute-by-minute coverage.

Death in the middle of the celebration

Rubí Ibarra blonde
PHOTO: Mezcalent

But not everything was honey on flakes, because in the middle of the celebration an improvised horse race was held that ended in tragedy, Pedro Ibarra, Rubí’s uncle, confirmed to the media that one of the attendees died when he did not attend the instructions of the game , in addition to the fact that he was drunk.

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí recognized before the media such as BBC NEWS, the death of a 66-year-old man and in the same way explained that another man had to be treated after fracturing his leg, after trying to jump the fence of security in order to access the racetrack that was mounted at the party.

What happened after death at the party?

PHOTO: Instagram

After being in the public eye for a while, the girl’s parents, Don Crescencio and Doña Ana, expressed that Rubí wanted to return to her normal and private life, so she did not want to be near the media, which were beginning to overwhelm her. excessively.

However, a year after the viral event, Rubí became the special guest of the Premios Lo Nuestro 2017 edition that took place in Miami Florida, there she met great celebrities that she admired, as well as having the opportunity to drive one of the segments with the actress and singer Thalía.

Musical career

Musical career
PHOTO: Instagram

The same year that Rubí attended the Lo Nuestro Awards, she received a musical contract from the Video Visa Records Company of Dallas, Texas, in order to start her career as a singer of the pop-grupero genre, which bore fruit with songs such as “Answer me “And” Together Until the End. “

Eventually Rubí remained taking singing, dancing and acting classes, while participating in different international music events such as MTV. Likewise, he kept giving small presentations, until a short time later, he decided to retire to continue his studies in Communication.


PHOTO: Instagram

Today, Rubí has ​​a popular YouTube channel where she shares blogs about her daily life, internet tags, and different challenges with her more than 12,000 subscribers. Thanks to that, it is that he keeps the general public informed about his personal life.

Among the different videos that he has shared, several times he has expressed that he does not have very good memories of what was his XV-year party, since far from being a good moment it became a period full of stress and anxiety around him, It was indicated by her physique and the origin of her family, comments that forced her to have to attend therapy in the past.

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