Rugrats Movie Scenes Only Adults Understand

One of the biggest perks of growing up in the ’90s was the advent of the cable network. Nickelodeon, a channel aimed specifically at children. One of the first Nicktoons, “rugrats“, remains one of the most memorable shows in that network’s history.

Created by Arlene Klassky Y Gabor Csupothe series gave viewers a unique perspective into the minds of little boys Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Angelica Pickles, and Phil and Lil Deville as they traversed a wide and wonderful world.

When the parent company of NickelodeonViacom, bought Paramount Pictures in 1994, set the stage for takeout”rugrats“to the big screen in a movie.

“The Rugrats Movie” hit theaters in 1998 and was a hit, grossing $140 million worldwide.

Kids and adults alike were charmed by the film’s humor and heart, and it remains a key facet of ’90s nostalgia for many. However, as re-watching millennials may notice, there was a lot in the film that they may have missed when they were young.

Here are some of the moments from “The Rugrats Movie” that adult fans will understand better now.

The Indiana Jones Reference

The Indiana Jones reference The joys of raising a newborn Sibling rivalry sometimes spills over into adulthood Angelica paraphrases a classic line from a movie The adults in The Rugrats Movie should face jail time

Like many episodes of the “Rugrats” television series, “The Rugrats Movie” begins with an imaginary adventure of epic proportions. Deep in the jungle, the babies explore the ancient ruins of a lost civilization.

Their fearless leader, Tommy, is Okey-Dokey Jones, wielding a jump rope like a whip as the babies traverse the perils of the mysterious temple.

His prize, a golden idol, stands on a tall pillar in the heart of the ruins. They try to get it back, but the treasure is out of their reach and suddenly a giant rock comes running towards them.

As the intrepid adventurers make their escape, the audience snaps back to reality to see Tommy and his friends in their kitchen, attempting to steal a bowl of ice cream from the fridge before a heavily pregnant Didi Pickles catches them.

The opening is an exciting start to “The Rugrats Movie’s” fast-paced journey, and it’s a familiar sight for fans of the series. However, younger audiences may not understand the reference to the famous George Lucas/Steven Spielberg “Indiana Jones” franchise.

This particular sequence is a parody of the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark, in which Harrison Ford’s iconic hero attempts to steal a golden idol from a booby-trapped jungle ruin.

The joys of raising a newborn

The joys of raising a newborn Sibling rivalry sometimes spills over into adulthood Angelica paraphrases a classic line from a movie The adults in The Rugrats Movie should face jail time

As sung by Susie Carmichael and Angelica Pickle so succinctly in “The Rugrats Movie,” a baby is a gift from “a bob.”

These adorable bundles can bring love and laughter into a family’s life, creating memories that will last a lifetime. They can also cause anxiety, frustration and sleep deprivation, very, very sleep deprivation.

Tommy’s mother, Didi, is nine months pregnant at the beginning of the film. Everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of the newest member of the family, especially Tommy, who is eager to become a big brother.

Once the Pickles bring baby Dylan (or Dyl, for short) home from the hospital, it’s another story. No matter how hard Stu and Didi try to calm the crying boy down, Dyl won’t calm down.

Even Tommy worries that his little brother may be “broken” and feels abandoned by his parents, who pay more attention to Dyl than to him.

Every child is different, and being the parent of a fussy newborn is an especially daunting challenge. Babies cry for everything: food, a clean diaper, too cold, too hot, too tired.

The list goes on and on. While a crying baby is a nuisance to everyone, it is the way they communicate and it is up to the parents to give them everything they need.

Most parents can relate to Didi and Stu’s struggles, but kids watching the movie probably won’t be able to empathize.

Sibling rivalry sometimes spills into adulthood

Sibling rivalry sometimes spills over into adulthood Angelica paraphrases a classic line from a movie The adults in The Rugrats Movie should face jail time

Being a big brother can be tough, as Tommy Pickles learns in “The Rugrats Movie” with the arrival of Dyl. Suddenly, Tommy is no longer the center of attention, as his parents have to take care of the newborn and provide for all his needs.

Not only that, but Dyl isn’t as funny as Tommy expected. The youngest baby steals his toys, cries constantly and embarrasses him in front of his friends. Seeing his distress, Stu has a pep talk with Tommy about “responsibility,” assuring him that his little brother will change in time.

Angelica paraphrases a classic line from a movie

Angelica paraphrases a classic movie line The adults in The Rugrats Movie should face jail time

An integral character that should never be overlooked in the “Rugrats” franchise is Angelica’s favorite doll, Cynthia. Though she may look a bit worse for wear and is missing strands of her hair, Cynthia has been with Angelica through thick and thin, and is her most prized possession.

When Dyl takes Cynthia away in a runaway Reptar wagon, Angelica is determined to get her back. She dresses up as her favorite TV detective, puts on her roller skates and entices Spike the dog to help her.

Angelica puts Spike on the leash and informs him that they must “search all the doghouses, playhouses, treehouses, and dollhouses” to find the babies that Cynthia stole.

This line probably sounds familiar to adults watching, as it’s inspired by dialogue from the 1993 action thriller “The Fugitive.” The classic speech delivered by Tommy Lee Jones in the film is worded a little differently, but it’s close enough to recognize as a nod to the popular film.

Adults in The Rugrats Movie Should Face Jail Time

Adults in The Rugrats Movie Should Face Jail Time

The babies face various dangers during their adventures, from sliding down a busy highway to facing ferocious animals in the wild.

Frankly, it’s amazing that they survive these dangers. What is possibly even more disturbing, however, are the actions, or inactions, of the adults in “The Rugrats Movie.”

When Grandpa and Stu realize the babies are missing, they mistakenly conclude that the little ones were packaged up and shipped to Japan.

After a thrilling chase ends unsuccessfully, they realize their mistake and must deliver the news to Didi that the children are missing. Hearing this, Didi does what Grandpa and Stu should have done in the first place: call the police.

Both the media and law enforcement quickly surround the Pickles’ home. While they are likely to be investigated for their real-world parenting practices, the police in “The Rugrats Movie” are too incompetent to be cause for concern.

The lead detective on the case even asks Didi if Tommy has any enemies or mob connections, to which she replies, “He’s a baby!”

With the police unhelpful, the Pickles family and their friends decide to go find the children themselves. They are successful in their endeavor, because hey, this is a children’s movie and it should have a happy ending.

Of course, none of this would have happened if the adults had kept a closer eye on the little rugrats in the first place. If this were real life, the adults would have been led away in handcuffs once the police showed up.

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