Rum in the Gatorade: They denounce that in the Mexico City Marathon they adulterated the hydrating drinks (Video)

A rather outrageous event was recorded during the Mexico City Marathon which was held this Sunday, and although apparently no runner was affected, it caused annoyance on social networks.

In the video that went viral it can be seen how a man empties a bottle of rum over the glasses of hydrating drinks that were located in one of the points of the race.

From what the video shows, the incident occurred on Polanco street, a few hours before the start of the race. Apparently, the person responsible for this act was intoxicated.

He decided to record his “prank” and post the video on social networks, and his action has generated great outrage in users, for the possible consequences that it could cause between the runnersconsidering that it was a 42-kilometre race.

“I’m going to throw them fucking Matusalem so they can get cocky, dad (laughs). Tomorrow they will all be at their best, fucking race is going to be the best in the world. Tomorrow everyone is going to be as fast as a target,” said the man in the video.

On Twitter, users denounced the lack of security that existed prior to the competition and that allowed that subject to make that “joke”.

“Anyone could put poison in the glasses and nobody knows, not a policeman taking care, nobody taking care,” said a user.

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