Rumors grow: Karol G has an affair with Feid, Colombian reggaeton player

Karol G who recently made an impact by posing for a fashion magazine with little makeup to show her high self-esteem, seems to have love at the door and here we tell you all the details.

‘La Bichota’, as the Colombian is known, maintains a speculation that is still valid in social networks, and it is that apparently he would be dating her colleague Feid, who was recently with her at one of the concerts.

A few months ago, ‘the girl from Medellin’ premiered ‘Friki’ a song sung as a duet with the emerging Colombian reggaeton player, Feid, with whom, it is now rumoured, could have something more than a nice relationship of colleagues.

Through AmericanPost.News, we bring you Karol G has already surpassed Jennifer López and Gloria Estefan in the ranking of songs in ‘Latin Airplay’ belonging to Billboard. It is close to surpassing Shakira’s record.

Possible romance between Fied and Karol G.

It was on the entertainment program ‘I know everything’ that the dots were tied up regarding this possible romance between Fied and Karol, who recently released the single ‘Mami’, a duet with Becky G, a song that, due to its content, in which He even cites Paquita la del Barrio, many interpreted it as a hint for Anuel AA, his ex, who already lives in Miami with Yailin, his fiancée.

In addition, it was noted that previously, the woman had been shown wearing a ‘hoodie’ that refers to Feid’s most recent album, and had published in Twitter that this garment could not be removed.

He too Medellin artist received the invitation from the interpreter of ‘Tusa’ so that he would go up with her to sing and he did not hesitate for a minute; scene that was immortalized on social networks by those attending the event, who did not hesitate to publish several of the moments where the reggaeton perform several singles together, while they dance very happy.

How did Karol G become famous?

Its first beginnings were in 2006; however, she began to be recognized nationally after collaborating with singer Reykon, in 2012, on the song “301”. From that moment and to date, the singer has changed her physical appearance.