Rumors of Christian Nodal’s Infidelity Arise After TikToker Shares Story of Fleeting Romance

Ivette Saldivar's TikTok video ignites speculation about Christian Nodal's alleged infidelity following the recent birth of his daughter.

A TikTok video by influencer Ivette Saldivar has sparked rumors that Mexican regional music star Christian Nodal was unfaithful to his partner, rapper Cazzu. While not naming Nodal directly, clues in Saldivar’s story have led many to speculate he is the unnamed famous singer she claims to have had a brief romantic encounter with in October 2023.

Nodal and Cazzu welcomed their first child together, a daughter, in September. The allegations come just weeks after the birth.

The TikTok Video


Yo no sabía que era casado hasta que lo chequé en insta☹️ #fyp #viralvideo

♬ sonido original – Ivette Saldivar

Earlier this month, Saldivar shared a TikTok video telling the story of meeting a famous Mexican singer at a nightclub in her hometown of Aguascalientes in mid-October.

Saldivar claimed the singer approached her at the club, complimented her eyes, and invited her to an afterparty. She alleged they left together, shared a few kisses, and he asked for her number before dropping her off at home.

Nodal and Cazzu became parents to a baby girl in September 2023. (Instagram: @sientesequienpueda)
Nodal and Cazzu became parents to a baby girl in September 2023. (Instagram: @sientesequienpueda)

According to Saldivar, the singer later texted her trying to meet up again. However, she declined upon realizing he had a partner who had just given birth.

While not naming the singer directly, Saldivar provided clues leading many viewers to speculate it was Nodal. These included the singer’s fame level, the timing of the alleged encounter, and the birth of his child.

Saldivar also claimed the singer looks like her brother. Some dug up past photos of Nodal with his own brother, noting a resemblance.

Reaction From Fans

The TikTok video quickly went viral, garnering over 5 million views. Thousands of commenters debated whether the mystery singer was Nodal.

The singer has not commented on the matter (Instagram: @cazzu).
The singer has not commented on the matter (Instagram: @cazzu).

Many fans rushed to defend the “Adios Amor” singer, claiming the story seemed dubious and pointing out other musicians it could be. Some of the other names suggested were Eduin Caz and Carlos Rivera.

However, a sizable contingent believes the clues add up to Nodal. Commenters claimed his known partying lifestyle made the story plausible.

Some expressed disappointment at the possibility of infidelity, given Nodal’s public devotion to Cazzu leading up to the birth of their child.

What Happens Next

As of now, neither Nodal nor Cazzu have responded to or acknowledged the rumors directly.

Carlos Rivera's name also stood out in the comments (Photo: Infobae Mexico/ Jovani Perez).
Carlos Rivera’s name also stood out in the comments (Photo: Infobae Mexico/ Jovani Perez).

Nodal remains one of Mexico’s most popular musicians with nearly 10 million Instagram followers. However, cheating allegations could damage his reputation with fans.

Cazzu also boasts a large fanbase, particularly in Latin America. An infidelity scandal could rock her relationship with Nodal.

With no concrete evidence, it’s unclear if the rumors will fade or continue escalating. Nodal offering clarification could help extinguish them.

Stay tuned as the story continues developing across social media and entertainment news outlets. More details may emerge shedding light on what really happened during the alleged nightclub encounter.