Rush Mode is removed from Battlefield 2042 much to fan discontent

DICE removed the Battlefield 2042 Rush game mode, an inexplicable decision that has caused great anger and disappointment among fans.

The mode has been a standout feature of all Battlefield games for years, and in Battlefield 2042 it received the most praise from players, despite multiple criticisms in other aspects of the game.

The fans of this franchise already knew what the disappointment was since Batlefield 2042 was delayed until last November, when its original release date was October 22.

Eliminate Rush mode in Battlefield 2042

DICE ignored player requests that Rush mode be maintained throughout the game. Batllefield 2042 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series.

The disappearance of the best-performing part of the game caught the attention of the gaming community, amidst the troubles currently facing Battlefield 2042.

Although the variety is excellent, everything seems to indicate that the opinion of the players was not taken into account when making the decision.

According to the developers, they want to change the game frequently to add variety to the game and keep it fresh, but many players have asked that the rush mode be a permanent fixture in Battlefield 2042.

Despite the clamor of fan frustrations, EA and DICE continue to market new additions to the game, trying to add more to the game rather than working on the problems fans are asking to be fixed.

Earlier today, Andy McNamara, global director of integrated communications for EA shooters, in a thread now deleted even andexpressed his frustrations with the community reaction.

We hope DICE and EA will soon start hearing what Battlefield 2042 fans want to see and rebuild their relationship with the Battlefield community.

Battlefield 2042 price

Batllefield 2042 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series.

It is possible to get Battlefield 2042 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, with prices ranging from 824 to 1,500 pesos, depending on whether it is a standard version or the gold version. AmericanPost.News.

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