Russia And China Against The Western World

The interdependent relationship between Russia and China amidst the global US-China conflict, and proposes a bold response to US war crimes.

Our world keeps changing itself every day. With the help of politicians, our life is not getting better. Especially in recent years. One manipulation over another brings calamity to the financial sphere. The United Nations is not working properly at all.

It looks like if it is coles nothing won’t happen at all, might only some conflicts disappear. All countries are sitting at the same card table and trying to win. But it is not live blackjack, one mistake in such a game might cost more.

Who Depends On Whom?

In general, if we are serious about Russia’s dependence on China, then this dependence is mutual. China now depends on Russia no less. Because in the event of a hypothetical change of regime in Russia to a pro-Western one, China is left face to face with a more or less monolithic West, sharply hostile towards it.

Obviously, in such a confrontation, China finds itself in a weak position. Even if this does not lead to its destruction, it will critically weaken it. In any case, China will not be able to claim any world leader in this situation. And this will not be its main problem.

While the West is diverted to Russia, China has a temporary head start that it can use to its advantage. Not that this was a very good deal for Russia. But in any case, it means that dependence is not one-sided. China itself, based on its own goals, is interested in continuing to support Russia in one way or another.

A certain contingent loves to wonder why it was necessary to change the American owner to the Chinese one. There is a very serious and absolutely rational reason for this. Obviously, in a (hypothetical) China-centric world, Russia’s position and status will be much higher than in a real US-centric one.

Within the framework of the existing world order, Russia is a semi-peripheral country with a stagnant economy with no chance of ever seriously improving the situation. But the possible demolition of the world order and its reformatting under a new leader will radically change the situation. In this case, Russia finds itself in the camp of the winners, and immediately in the second most important role. Naturally, such a strategy comes with a lot of risks. But the only realistic alternative is to always catch up and never manage to catch up.

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Interesting Theories

By the way, pay attention to how many idiotic theories have been expressed about the triangle of Russian-Chinese, American-Chinese, and Russian-American relations over the past year. The degree of at least some understanding of the ongoing processes among public analysts has been and remains prohibitively low. You might be wondering why? Well none of them understands China at all! Whether it is an ex-agent or a person who lived in China no one has a clue what it means to be Chinese and think about Chinese interests.

Everything that has been happening recently can only be understood through the realities of the global US-Chinese confrontation. It is turning into a phase of open conflict. The fact that these particular realities turned out to be the only correct ones should now finally become obvious.

Well, in general, everyone who used to say something else on this topic should now, if not publicly admit their mistakes. Then at least stop speaking out on the current news agenda. The meaning of which they still do not understand and will not understand. Also, not increase the degree of insanity, which is already high.

Insane Decisions

Now for The Hague. The most adequate response against the backdrop of Xi’s last visit to Moscow would be as follows. Assemble an international (this is important) tribunal to investigate US war crimes in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan. Definitely, they won’t do that. It is natural to invite China to participate and without fail representatives of all affected countries and in general, everyone who wants to join.

Unlike the comical story about the deportation of Kherson (Ukraine) children (to Artek, Crimea), there is no need to specifically look for war crimes under a microscope. They were and are well known. Therefore, the conclusions, if everything is done correctly, will be impossible to argue. Although it will be clear not to recognize them. If anyone thinks that children should be returned to Kherson, they will probably be willing for those children to have a short life. As of today, both sides and it is a fact that both sides are bombing Kherson.

China may not yet be ready for such drastic movements. It makes the whole idea meaningless. But there is every reason to think that it will be ready very soon. The United States, in its perseverance deserving better use, will soon cross the line beyond which any understanding with China will still be possible for them. And we all might see the new world. Also, do not forget Europe. Today, it is a beautiful place to travel. Yesterday it was a source of justice for some people. And Tomorrow, who knows what is going to be tomorrow?