Russia anticipates biothreat, accuses US of weaponizing genetically modified mosquitoes

Bioterror allegations intensify as Moscow anticipates genetically altered insects, while managing the fallout from Wagner Group's rebellion.

Given the red flags that Russia has raised against it with the recent rebellion of the Wagner Group mercenaries, some of the Kremlin officials assured that the United States is preparing to strike them and would do so through the genetic modification of insects that would go unnoticed due to their tiny complexion.

Russian politicians claimed that U.S. scientists could inject mosquitoes with a deadly virus that they would drop directly into Moscow in the hope that they could infect most of the inhabitants of the Russian capital, especially to attack Vladimir Putin’s officials.

Vladimir Putin shooting practice
Putin’s officials claim that the EU will attack them with mosquitoes. Photo: File

Russian MPIrina Yarovaya, the head of the Parliamentary Committee on Security, revealed the claims. The official believes that an “Allied Insects” project is underway for what she considers to be a major threat to the stability of all of Russia, she said, as quoted by the Daily Star.

Russia creates a commission on biological threats.

Given this scenario, the Kremlin seems to be prepared for the attack, which the deputy revealed in a message where she highlighted, “I will name just one Pentagon project, called Allied Insects. How do you assess these risks and threats?” said the Kremlin official who added:

“How are we prepared? The parliament has established a commission on biological threats. We are waiting for specific proposals to ensure the economic security of our country.”

In the face of this, social networks began attacking the deputy on her statement with messages such as, “Ukraine’s combat gnats are back!”. At the same time, yet another described Russia as a “meme country.” On the other hand, another netizen pointed out that detecting the massive mosquitoes that could only affect the Russian population would be impossible. Likewise, yet another indicated that the case would be impossible to carry out.

“This is ridiculous. No one could train a mosquito to only bite a group of people because of their nationality. This is ridiculous.”

Army “loyalty” acknowledged after Wagner mutiny

Putin's "Chef"
Prigozhin was one of Putin’s close associates until his rebellion. Photo: File

The rebellion by the Wagner paramilitary group last month in Russia failed thanks to the Army’s “loyalty,” Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, one of the military commanders criticized by the mutineers, said Monday.

“These plans failed mainly because members of the Russian armed forces showed loyalty to their oath and duty,” Shoigu told a meeting with officers.

These are the Defense Minister’s first public comments on this armed rebellion, launched on June 23-24 by Wagner group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, who accused Shoigu and Chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov of incompetence and failure to protect his men.

Shoigu, calling the mutiny an “attempt to destabilize Russia,” claimed that the attack “did not affect” the work of the troops, especially in their military campaign in Ukraine.