Sabrina Sabrok returns to Mexico for her 53rd surgery

Sabrina Sabrok.

Photo: Diego Gallegos / Reform Agency

TO Sabrina sabrok He likes to get into a knife and begins 2022 by undergoing his 53rd surgery.

The model returned to Mexico after a long season in the United States to meet again with her primary doctor in the next few days.

“I came to see my surgeon because I want to do several procedures, including stretch my face, I’m interested in undergoing liposuction to look super skinny.

“I already have an appointment with the doctor next week. This would be my 53rd surgery, plus whatever comes to mind, “he said in a statement.

Due to her work as a singer and porn actress, Argentina seeks to look extraordinary in each appearance, which is why she will do everything possible to look spectacular and even criticized those famous people who deny their arrangements.

I challenge the girls in the middle to confess their surgeries, there is nothing wrong with wanting to steal a few years from time“He added.


“It is absurd that they say that nothing is done, when it is more than notorious, it is hypocritical. I say it because people know that what they think is worth to me, as long as I am happy with my body, I look young and my husband likes the rest, I do not care ”, she assured.

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