Sabrina Sabrok supports Yahir’s son for his choice to enter adult cinema

Sabrina sabrok, adult film actress, model and singer, has offered her moral support to Tristán Othón, the eldest son of the singer Yahir, which recently stated that will become a porn actor. The Argentine assures that this line of work has provided a good financial stability.

During an interview for the program “Chisme No Like”, the 45-year-old Sabrina assured that thanks to the erotic content, she has managed to gain a considerable fortune. So she has recommended to Tristán to do what he likes despite what others say.

“The message I would give you is that you should not ask your dad for permission, if he is of legal age and does not depend financially on him” she declared. “Let him keep doing his things, he has to do it because is what he likes, and if not, tomorrow he will regret it” Sabrina Sabrok expressed. She is known for out of the box rebellious thinking, and usually delights her Instagram followers with daring photos.

Sabrina Sabrok believes that Tristán Othón has the right to choose

Sabrina has sent a message of support to Tristán / Photo: Mi Morelia

The former Televisa star claimed that Tristan has every right to decide what to do with his life: “When one is already grown up, one can decide for himself and do what he wants, whether the parents, the partner, the friends, or whoever, like it or not. Or happiness is not achieved,” she commented.

Likewise, Sabrina Sabrok considers Yahir’s son approach to XXX cinema with his partner as appropriate, as something that she has also done, and has gained her a very good income. She does not think about retiring from adult cinema anytime soon .

Yahir disagrees with his son’s decision

Yahir has already said that he will not support his son / Photo: Univisión

On his part, the singer Yahir claimed to be against the decision of his 23-year-old son. In an interview with the Ventaneando program, the former academic revealed that he is even going to therapy to be able to cope with this problem con Tristán who has affected him emotionally.

According to Yahir, Tristán Othón has relapsed into addiction, and that would be the reason behind the decision to star in adult movies. However, Sabrina Sabrok has advised the young man to do what he really likes and feels like it.