Saday N, AKA “R 10,” Familia Michoacana leader, was arrested in Toluca

Suspected La Familia Michoacana member Saday "N" alias R-10 gets arrested in Toluca, facing multiple charges amid a complex criminal landscape.

Last Friday, October 6, marked the arrest of Saday “N” in the Moderna de la Cruz neighborhood of Toluca, State of Mexico. Known by the alias R-10, Saday “N” has been identified as a suspected member of the notorious criminal group La Familia Michoacana.

His arrest was preceded by an interview in which R-10 openly admitted his affiliation with a Michoacán-based criminal organization, according to municipal authorities in the State of Mexico.

Incentives and Charges

The State of Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office had placed a bounty of up to 300,000 pesos on Saday “N,” signaling his status as a priority target. Reports at the time of his arrest indicated that he was found in possession of what appeared to be doses of crystal methamphetamine. R-10 is facing various charges, including extortion, crimes against health, and involvement in homicides.

The detained man was linked to the Familia Michoacana (Photo: Twitter/@CharroNegro_Mx/Ilustrativa)
The detained man was linked to the Familia Michoacana (Photo: Twitter/@CharroNegro_Mx/Ilustrativa)

The Notorious History of R-10

In 2019, Saday “N” arrived in Edomex, a period marked by tension and conflict between the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation (CJNG) and La Familia Michoacana. Operating under the alias of Comandante R-10, he was linked to a video circulated in September of that year. In the video, armed individuals identifying themselves as “Comandante R-10’s people” addressed the residents of the State of Mexico and made threats against several individuals.

“They assured that they would carry out a ‘clean-up’ in different points of the entity, such as Nicolás Romero, Atizapán, Tultitlán, and Tultepec,” said the message, which featured individuals with their faces covered. Interestingly, these individuals were not linked to La Familia Michoacana at that time.

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Armed men identified themselves as being close to "Comandante R-10" (Photo: Twitter/@Notiexpressmex).
Armed men identified themselves as close to “Comandante R-10” (Photo: Twitter/@Notiexpressmex).

Criminal Landscape in Edomex and Mexico City

As of November 2022, authorities in both the State of Mexico and Mexico City have reported the presence of multiple criminal organizations. Among them are Los Peluches, allied with the Caborca Cartel, as well as the Nuevo Imperio group, the Tlahuac Cartel, and Los Rodolfos.

La Familia Michoacana, along with Los Catalinos, Los Gastones, and a new group known as La Nueva Alianza, have also been identified.

According to the authorities' map, there are 8 criminal groups in CDMX and Edomex (Photo: SSC).
According to the authorities’ map, there are 8 criminal groups in CDMX and Edomex (Photo: SSC).

A Volatile Battleground

The Toluca Valley has become a hotspot for criminal activity, with three major groups—CJNG, La Familia Michoacana, and a third initially unnamed group—vying for control. This third group was later identified as Los Pecha by security sources on July 25.

“Events derived from a conflict for the control of illicit activities in the area between alias ‘Pecha’ and Yamin ‘N’ alias ‘Chino,'” according to an official statement. This statement also reported that 11 individuals were arrested, all of whom are suspected of belonging to a criminal cell involved in drug dealing, kidnapping, homicide, extortion, and “other high-impact crimes.”