Livia Brito’s ex-boyfriend, Said Pichardo behind bars after a major drug bust

Stay updated on the latest news about Said Pichardo, including the outcome of his initial hearing and the efforts of his legal defense team.

On Monday, February 20, the entertainment world was completely shocked after confirming the arrest of singer Said Pichardo, who achieved much of his fame after having an intense romance with renowned film and television actress Livia Brito.

According to information shared by elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City, the ex-participant of the reality show “Guerreros 2020” was apprehended during an operation in the Jardines del Pedregal neighborhood in Mexico City.

After confirming the arrest, Mexico City authorities detailed that four people were released during the operation. Three long guns, two handguns, a Lamborghini, five motorcycles, bags with marijuana, and more than 100 doses of cocaine were seized, as well as 10 million pesos (around USD 550,000) and close to USD 40,000.

Photo: Special
Photo: Special

Said Pichardo is remanded in custody

During the afternoon of Tuesday, February 21, the initial hearing against Said Pichardo, renowned urban singer and television star, was held. A judge decided to keep him in preventive custody, and he will continue in Mexico City’s Reclusorio Oriente (East Prison).

On the other hand, the legal defense of Livia Brito’s ex-boyfriend said that this Friday, February 24, they will present evidence to try to have the celebrity released from jail, reported TVNotas entertainment magazine.

Who is Said Pichardo?

Said Pichardo is a 33-year-old famous singer and influencer. The young man achieved much of his fame after sustaining an affair with the renowned actress Livia Brito, one of today’s celebrities.

In the music world, the singer is known by the nickname “Said P,” and among his hits are the songs “Coqueta,” “Ahora que te fuiste” and “Pasaje sin rumbo,” which reached thousands of reproductions in social networks.

In 2020, Said Pichardo took an important turn in his career after being a “Cobras” team member for the first season of “Guerreros,” a reality show where he was crowned champion. During this time, he became romantically involved with Dariana, Danna Paola’s cousin and former participant of “Exatlón México.”

Photo: Special
Photo: Special