Saitama Will Face God In One Punch Man Chapter 156

Warning! The following in AmericanPost.News will talk about spoilers related to One Punch Man manga created by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. The fight between Platinum Sperm, Flashy Flash, and Garou has finally started, making fans eager to see One-Punch Man Chapter 156.

Saitama finally made his long-awaited appearance and joined forces with Flashy Flash. As his fight against Garou and Platinum Sperm will continue in Chapter 156, who will emerge victorious? Here we share everything you need to know. Remember that the OPM manga unleashes Garou’s new power.

What happens in the manga One Punch Man 156?

Photo: Shuiesha / One Punch Man spoilers

The battle against the three superhumans has finally begun in the One-Punch Man manga chapter 156, but the strongest of them remains on the sidelines. Saitama has now returned with Flashy Flash and is ready to take on Platinum Sperm and Garou, Recent Highlights noted.

However, he has no major villains left to face with his strength. The best S-Class heroes have risked their lives against enemies and saved their homeland.

Despite the injuries and deaths, they find comfort in knowing that their country is safe. Before the Homeless Emperor took his last breath, he said something to the God, who gave him the power of light.

Zombie wanted to know more about this God, but God killed the Homeless Emperor before he could ask him more. This God had a huge body when he made his appearance on the moon. It even almost covered the entire surface with its size.

So in One-Punch Man Chapter 156, there are theories that Saitama will face this God when the latter heads to Earth. After Tatsumaki has made a hole in the Earth, it can trigger the rebirth of this God. Previously, we reported that a viral One Punch Man cosplay pits Fubuki and Tatsumaki against each other.

One-Punch Man Chapter 155 Summary

In One-Punch Man Chapter 155, fans witnessed the Platinum Sperm, Flashy Flash and Garou’s God Form showdown. Garou managed to overwhelm the two without breaking a sweat. With that said, many are now eager to see what will happen next.

The launch of the One-Punch Man manga has been confusing from the start. Usually new chapters are released every month, but sometimes it comes earlier or later than usual.

However, according to Omnitos sources, the new chapters are mostly released on the first or last Saturday of the month. So, to calculate the release date of the new chapter, it can fall on January 8 or January 23, 2022.

Regardless, fans should only take these assumptions with a pinch of salt, as manga creator Yusuke Murata releases new chapters at random. As of this writing, the mangaka has yet to update if he has already finished working on Chapter 156. You can go to the official site of the One Punch Man manga on VIZ Media.

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